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Opening & Closing Doors-Being yourself

Posted Apr 06 2011 12:21pm

Earlier this week I posted a note on Facebook but thought I’d put it here as well.

One of the comments left on the note was from Diane Cunningham and said “Great job on this Tara! I support you completely…..go where God leads! He will close some doors and open others! Amen to following and listening.”

Teri Undreiner said, “Wonderful Tara! I noticed that I usually did what “others” though I should be doing. I quit “should”en all over myself and stepped into freedom of who I already was, and I’m living FROM freedom now rather than the “I shoulds”. POWERFUL! AMEN to your post! You go girl!

and Stephanie Tweed said, “I agree Tara…this is good confirmation for me too! I have been meditation on that Scripture today: “So be content with who you are, and don’t put on airs. God’s strong hand is on you; He’ll promote you at the right time.” ~ I Peter 5:6 The Message

There were a lot of other comments too….

The note itself read
Sorry had to do this as a note since it’s over 1000 characters can’t post as a status or on wall! LOL
but some food for thought today sometimes God creates us to be something different than we originally thought we were supposed to be.
He can use us in ways we may not see at the time.
He may direct us to do things (personal/work) that may not seem big at the time,but He puts us where we can be of better use than where perhaps we thought we should be.
He also uses us in all levels/lines of work/life-yes a lot of thinking going on last few days here.
If one decides not to be an inspiration/life coach that doesn’t make them any lesser of a person than if they decided to or focus on Team Beachbody , nutrition, Holy Yoga
He uses us where He wants us and somehow He gets us to that place where we’re supposed to be…
even when we take detours and wrong turns…

I’m refocusing (evident by the sale of many of my sites/domains & birth of a new biz ) I had thought I was to be an inspiration coach,yet months later discover that I was where I was supposed to be years ago but didn’t realize it… fitness/nutrition coaching …so back to that & add mobile spray tanning to the list.

I’m active, not stuck to my phone or computer and doing something ‘different/exciting’ & still helping people & still inspiring people but not in the same method…but by ’seeing’ rather than being told…

I’m happier spray tanning & doing yoga, fitness training than I was coaching others via phone/teleconference- basically be who HE created you to be-not what you think others think you should be…hope that makes sense…in overdrive here…thoughts going faster than fingers!

That was the original note on Facebook…
Since then I’ve received DM’s and emails saying that I inspired others to be themselves, stand up for what they believe and go after their desires…
so, see even without the title of “Inspiration Coach”, I still inspire…while still being me!
Be yourself!
Enjoy life!

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