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Off Target: The Merciless Killers of Family Pets

Posted Oct 05 2010 12:05pm

IStock_000005913151XSmall Christmas Eve, 2008.

Ralph Childers was out for a walk with his dog Henry on his Kellogg, Idaho, property. Henry had run ahead, being the inquisitive sort, when suddenly the air was full of shrill yips. Childers feared his pet had fallen victim to a coyote. As he ran through the snow, a more twisted scene presented itself: Henry had become the victim of a bear trap

The misstep eventually cost Henry his life.

With 300,000 non-target animal victims of traps on record, Born Free U.S.A. feels something must be done. The nonprofit's new database records trap-related incidents, with the helpful reports of their own members, and of anyone else willing.

Already, the database has spread awareness of sad accidents (such as Waffles the cat , who after two days of entrapment, had to have his leg amputated), in hopes that the collected information will be used to expose the widespread nature of the threat and prevent avoidable deaths or maimings.

Should you discover an animal trap close to homes or populated areas, regardless of whether it has an unfortunate soul in its grasp, Born Free U.S.A. asks that you fill out this form so the incident won't go unchecked. 

--Justin Klugh

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