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Obsessive Chemical Funk Smells, Perfumes, etc

Posted Dec 02 2008 1:17am

News: Co workers can sue over excessive perfume in the work place.

I personally love this article (even though I’ve just now received a few nasty emails from others online for my sharing the article..oh well) by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger because it points out many things that I and many others have to deal with on a daily basis.

I’ve had to leave the movies, lines I’m waiting in, the mall (I can’t go in any major dept store because all those pushy spray happy perfume women who spray then ask..that’s asking for retaliation by me if they attempt to spray me), restaurants, wherever…all because of people and their desire to bathe in perfume, or chemically scented laundry detergent, dryer sheets, etc. If I’m around those chemical funk smells, I get an instant vein throbbing migraine. You can literally see the veins in my temples throbbing. Same goes for candles, air fresheners (ask my daughters aunt how many times I’ve pulled her air fresheners out of the outlets at youth group!), anything that has a fake smell does me in. It’s instant migraine and sometimes heart rate speeds up, other side effects too. I can’t go down the aisles in stores with cleaners in them, I can’t go in stores that sell candles..sorry Bed Bath & Beyond, but your candle aromas knock me on my butt as soon as I walk through the door and have to turn right around and leave. Wonder if they realize that there are many who can’t be around synthetic fake smells and they lose business because of their overwhelming displays of candles right at the door?

Some people think something isn’t “clean” unless it smells like bleach or “lemony fresh”. Too bad the “lemony fresh” is usually some chemical funk, if it were at least lemon essential oil then I might stand a fighting chance at being able to be around it.

Some people have taken offense and gotten in an uproar because finally those who have suffered health effects at the hands of others can finally take action against the person wearing too much perfume. I say about time! I mean really, we’ve fortunately now have bans on smoking in public places. I think the same should be done about having people who have too much perfume, cologne or other fragrance about them. I’ve blogged about this numerous times in past and was glad to see the article online a bit ago.

I fortunately work for myself, so don’t have to deal with this in the work place. But every time I walk out my door I get nailed with the chemical funk of various laundry products coming through neighbors dryer vents and sadly there’s nothing I can do about that, other than run down the stairs as fast as I can to escape the impending migraine that follows.

So, to those who want to wear all the harmful chemicals, bathe in them, wash & dry your clothes in them…that’s your problem, not mine until your smells invade where I am. I opt to leave the area in order to save my head & my health, so don’t cop an attitude because I choose to not inhale and because I agree with the article

So, don’t take offense and think we simply don’t “like” your perfume or cleaners, etc….some of us can not be around them for health reasons…perhaps educate yourselves on the health effects of all the chemicals you’re inhaling, wearing, bathing in and then maybe you’ll understand why we don’t want to be around.


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