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Nature Appreciation, Awareness and a Continuous Source of Inspiration

Posted Aug 24 2008 5:58pm
Nature has been for me,

for as long as I remember,

a source of solace,


adventure, and delight;

a home,

a teacher,

a companion.

Lorraine Anderson

I have to agree with Lorraine Anderson's descriptive quotes of all of the many benefits one receives from being out in nature. Nature is a constant force and a constant source of inspiration and healing.

Nature is a friend, a teacher, a companion during times of sorrow and times of joy; it has been one of the constant forces in my life, many times working in the background even as I was unaware.

Nature Appreciation, Nature Awareness & Nature Inspiration

Nature Appreciation is taking the time to enjoy or appreciate being outdoors in nature. One can appreciate Nature as easily as taking time to smell the roses, meditating on a mountain, lying in a wildflower field, strolling by a meandering stream, or hiking in ancient redwood groves.

Nature Awareness , as I use the term, is the realization of what has been known for centuries--that there is a healing quality to nature. Nature can be used as therapy or as a therapeutic modality to help people coping with challenges or dealing with loss.

Nature Inspiration is being inspired by being in the outdoors. Whether to create art, to write, to draw, to paint, to photograph or just to revel in the quietness and the beauty that is Mother Nature.

Never Failing Nature

Remember what Frank Lloyd Wright had to say about Nature.

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature.

It will never fail you.

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Photo Source: © Kirsti A. Dyer. Aspen Road.

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