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Natural Remedies for The Not Quite Crunchy

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:36pm

Raised firmly entrenched in western medicine by a father in the field, it is only since becoming a parent, that I have started experimenting with alternative medicine. Though my mother embraced the natural, herbal, organic lifestyle in the late ‘70s, as a teen at that time, I naturally rejected the opportunity.

So, while I tend to rely on western medicine much of the time, especially in those emergency situations, I find that slowly but surely I’m stocking my medicine chest with herbal and natural remedies. Ok- Mom- I’m coming back around. But, then again, maybe I’m just trendy.

Most of the world relies mainly on natural medicines, and their popularity is growing in the west.

Reading an article on making a Natural Summer First Aid Kit I realized that I had adopted many of these remedies as my own. Taking stock of my not-quite-crunchy here’s what I found that I own and use. When did I get so crunchy?

1. Arnica gel – reduces bruising and recommended to me by my western medicine surgeon

2. Ice packs – reduces swelling and bruising – Grandma’s old recipe

3. Arnica tablets – reduces inflammation – I carry this tiny, lipstick size canister in my purse at all times for playground falls.

4. Aloe Vera – soothes sunburn – we keep an Aloe Vera plant on our patio – it’s not only more effective in it’s natural’s “cooler”

5. Honey – to disinfectant cuts and bites – pure honey BTW, available at Farmer’s markets and healthy type stores

6. Banana Peel – soothes itching from insect bites and stings

7. Yoga positions – to ease muscle/back pain (OK - this wasn't actually in my medicine chest) – Though not an active Yoga practitioner; I’m a big advocate of certain positions to relieve muscle pain and stress. A sciatica sufferer, again my Western medicine doctor is the one who informed me that this eastern remedy was the best treatment for my chronic pain.

8. Chamomile tea – my other-in-law, living in the land of natural medicine (Germany) turned me on to the healing and calming properties of this tea – though there seem to be many uses.

9. Echinacea – cold prevention – our family starts taking Echinacea dialy, tablets for the adults, liquid for my DS every autumn to ward off winter colds.

10. Rescue Remedy – to ward off colds and calm. Moms in my Waldorf play group turned me on to this product which I use religiously when we travel to ward off all those bad airplane bugs.

11. Peppermint tea for heat exhaustion – The natural cooling effects are great for after summertime play.

12. Bert’s Beeswax salve, lip moisturizer - This product has gained wide distribution lately so is easy to get and is great for chapped lips and skin year round.

13. Ginger - for nausea, motion sickness and vomiting. Look for this at your health food store.

What’s in your natural medicine chest?

You can find more information on a variety of sites including,
Natural First Aid for 14 common ailments and a nifty interactive natural remedy finder at, new natural living site I found.

BTW- That's a photo (above) of a bruise my DS acquired from a face plant on the concrete last week. Cold compresses and arnica reduced it to a mere scratch in 2 days, much to everyone's amazement. And yes, we did make the obligatory trip to the emergency room for the CT scan too!

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