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MRSA Infections on the Rise Among Children

Posted Jan 22 2009 3:52pm 1 Comment

E mory University in Atlanta reports that in recent years there has been an alarming rise in head and neck infections in children, specifically Staphyloccocus that does not respond to the stronger antibiotics like methicillin.  

WebMD reports:

For the study, Iman Naseri, MD, and colleagues from Emory’s department of otolaryngology reviewed pediatric head and neck infection records from more than 300 hospitals in the U.S. between 2001 and 2006.

Over the six-year period, MRSA head and neck infections in children jumped from 12% of all S. aureus infections in the study in 2001 to 28% in 2006. The average age of the children was about 6 1/2. Most MRSA head and neck infections occurred in the ears (34%), followed by the nose and sinuses (28.3%) and the throat and neck (14.2%).

There has been a recent push in the pediatric medical community for a more cautious use of antibiotics in children.   I have noticed many of the Pediatricians I have seen in the past used antibiotics much too freely (in my opinion) for ear infections, fevers, potential viruses, etc…  As a result I usually wait at least 3-4 days for the symptoms to run their course before even taking my girls to the doctor.   My youngest (17 months) has never been on antibiotics and my oldest (4) has been on them twice in her life.  Most recently my youngest battled a low grade fever for several days and  I reserved Tylenol use for nighttime only, used  California Baby Resistance Builder Essential Oil in her bath, supplemented her with  Imu-Max  (immune boosting formula of Vitamin C and Echinacea) and made sure she received plenty of fluids.  By letting the illness run it’s course, she avoided any medication, recovered well and (I think) has strengthened immune system as a result. There are certainly instances when a doctor’s care is necessary especially with high fevers and persistent symptoms, however I feel a little parental caution with the use of medications such as antibiotics may help to reduce this phenomenon of “Super Bugs” in children.  

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my 2yr old just mrsa and had to have surgery she was cut from her knee to her ankle and on her labia,this all stemmed from a small pimple on her leg 23hrs is all it took. I am a stay at home mother we only go to the grocery store and very rarely to visit family. i am very vlean and anytime she goes in a shopping cart i use antibacterial wipes b4 i put her in. we had home health care after leaving the hospital being there 6 days. They released her and we saw her sugeron today. She had healed very quickly,i had to pack her wound 2xs daily and at first there was 15ft of gause inside. She has been off antibotics a about 8 days and keeps getting low grade fevers and i am really worried,im taking her to the doctor tom,but does anyone know y she would have these lowgrade fevers still im very scared?
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