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Movie Review Friday -- The Simpsons Movie

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:24am

Escape to the movies with one of our Movie Friday selections. Each week we review a film with environmentally or socially-responsible themes that’s currently in theaters or available on DVD.

Seen a good eco-flick lately? Send us a review of 100 words or less and look for your review in the next Movie Friday!

The Simpsons Movie (2007)
Available on DVD

Based on the television show that began almost 20 years ago, the cinematic debut of America’s favorite animated family was a box office success mainly because of its hilarity. But the wacky plot line has heavy environmental themes that satirize how government officials routinely screw up ecological crises.

The story starts at a local lake that has been severely polluted to a point that squirrels are mutating. To solve the problem, the evil EPA and President Arnold Schwarzenegger (!) decide to quarantine Springfield under a giant glass dome and annihilate the doomed city.

Although it’s an animated movie with an eco-centric plot like Wall-E, there are a lot of differences. For starters, some of the content is crude and not appropriate for children. And while Wall-E ’s environmental themes are front and center, The Simpsons Movie ’s message is overshadowed by constant pop culture references, similar to the TV series. And while Wall-E takes place in a future world, The Simpsons can be viewed more as a look at our inept, reactionary responses to present-day problems.

--Review by Brian Foley

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