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Movie Review Friday: BlueGreen

Posted Oct 08 2010 9:29am

Escape to the movies with one of our  Movie Review Friday  selections. Each week we review a film with an environmental theme that's currently  in theaters  or available on  DVD . Seen a good eco-flick lately? Send us  a short review  and look for it in the next Movie Review Friday.

BlueGreen: Our Connection to the Ocean (2010)

How are humans connected to the vast, deep ocean? How are we all affected by it, and how does it shape our existence? These are the complex questions that Benjamin Keller asks in his documentary film, BlueGreen. He believes there's a deep-seated human need to be near the ocean, that the "bluegreen" covering the majority of the planet has a powerful pull on us.

Keller chooses 13 people to help him find answers. Between lengthy, dreamy footage of surfers and sparkling waves, wave forecasters and surfboard shapers speak candidly about their love of the sea. He focuses mostly on the surfing community because, he figures, people who are passionate enough to carve a livelihood out of the ocean are best equipped to help the rest of us understand our profound connection to it.

But what the film, which is narrated by a well-known surfer, fails to fully address is the connection to the ocean (or lack thereof) experienced by non-surfers and people who aren't lucky enough to live near the sea. Keller scratches this surface by lending a couple of the film's 78 minutes to beach-goers admiring the ocean, but viewers are left wondering whether they feel the same pull. So BlueGreen's heavy slant toward a surfing audience — almost to the point of being a surf film — may not appeal to those on the outskirts of that world.

However, Keller's love of the ocean is obvious, and the compilation of surf footage and artistic underwater shots can be mesmerizing. 

--Molly Oleson

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