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Motorola Takes Cell Phone Recycling to New Level with Eco-Moto, World's First Carbon Neutral Mobile Phone

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:18pm 1 Comment

Electronic waste is a blight on the reputation of humanity and a stain on the great progress of industrialization. Since I advocate the carbon-neutral lifestyle, it may seem a contradiction for this author to extol industrialization. Certainly, it must be embraced with caution and the blind optimism that we can invent our way out of every problem is dangerous. Furthermore, when industrialization is allowed to expand unchecked, environmental devastation often is the result.

Nevertheless, our ability to achieve great things often has its base in technological innovation, such as this high-traffic blog. In this case, the environmental devastation to which I refer includes electronic waste, the haphazard and indiscriminate dumping of electronic devices which no longer function or have been discarded.

It must stop and doing so will require a full-on effort, at the individual, local, regional, national, international, continental and global level. One way in which manufacturing can help is to use fewer dangerous components in the creation of the devices we use. Of course, the fight against global warming must be included, too. For this reason, I am delighted to tell you about the W233 Renew mobile phone from Motorola, known as the Eco-Moto. The W233 Renew is the world’s first mobile phone made using plastics comprised of recycled water bottles.

The commendable attributes of the Eco-Moto continue, too. Motorola has partnered with through its Certified carbonfree program. Yes, by purchasing carbon credits, Motorola truly can claim that the Eco-Moto is the world’s first carbon-free mobile phone, a tremendous milestone both from the environmental and social perspective.

Of course, no matter what model mobile phone you may use, there’s a good chance that you can make use of the wonderful software from to be aware of just how much carbon is involved in your daily existence.

In the end, then, even though we have a very long way to go before we turn the tide in our fight against global warming, leaders in the business community have begun to take notice of the need for urgent change and, in some cases, take appropriately decisive action.

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