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Mother Earth Bleeds

Posted Jun 07 2010 6:28pm
"On April 20th 2010, BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and has been pumping an estimated 5 to 70 thousand barrels (210,000 to 1,100,000 USgal) of crude oil daily into the gulf of mexico. It is destroying the ecosystem in areas around the gulf."

Before Mother Earth weeped, but now her life force bleeds into her very oceans destroying herself and others.  How dare this happen?  It is truly the beginning of the End.  Why is there not a team of people Google searching the internet for solutions to this Epic Failure?

I can not believe that a world that is connected by merely seconds of download time, that there is not one answer out there in the millions of people this effects worldwide.  I dont give a shit if they have qualifications, obviously the people with qualifications are dumbfounded.

A couple of ideas just my husband and I came up with are
  • drill diagonally into the leak and start a new line, then you can plug up the leak without pressure building up
  • surround the leak with a net or cylinder of some type and syphon out the oil that floats to the surface
I really believe if this is not stopped soon, it is the End.  The Earth will continue to bleed and the ocean water will circulate and the living will die.  And then the death will come to the shoars and seep inward.  Do you have any ideas, solutions, brainstorms?  Put them out on the web and maybe, just ,maybe someone somewhere will be heard.  Until then, she bleeds.

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