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Monday Whazzup - Hunky Harry and G.I. Joe Save My Fanny

Posted Dec 02 2008 9:26pm

Today's Monday Whazzup features a republish of a "letter to the editor" I wrote a while back. Having Hunky Harry and G.I. Joe save my fanny was the best - thank you gentlemen for making my day - and better yet for doing good for the world. This is what Gardening Nude is all about: being healthy and doing the right thing for your community - building it. This means helping and thanking people who make a difference in your life. Today I thank the Warrenville Fire Department - you deserve it!  

Hunky Harry and GI Joe With Shawna 08

Rescue workers, G.I. Joe and Hunky Harry - my heroes - in front of one of the company fire trucks. Thanks guys - for taking care of a woman in need!

Dear Editor,

I’m writing this to send a great big thank you out to the Warrenville Illinois Emergency Medical and 911 team that works for our community, as well as a special thank you to my children and our school system.

Generally speaking, I have been healthier than I have ever been in my life this last year. It’s been a great thing. You can imagine my horror when I caught the dreaded virus that was going around last season. I fondly called it “The Black Plague,” and it sent me to bed with a high fever for more than a week.

One particular afternoon I was at my feverish worst and spent most of the day lying in bed shivering uncontrollably. After my kids got home from school, I decided to get up and try and help them. Foolish mistake! Upon climbing out of bed, the room started spinning. Lurching like Frankenstein, I was surprised when the closet door came up and purposely hit me on the forehead. While trying to puzzle out the why’s and how’s of this experience, I teetered back and forth balancing like a tight rope walker. This was followed by some more staggering plus repeatedly banging my hip into the foot of the bed. At last, I did a weak 180 degree spin, tripped like Jerry Lewis, and slammed my head into the bedroom door, collapsing to the ground in a heap. Lights out!

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