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Monday Whazzup - A Story of EBay-Recycling The World's Ugliest Purse

Posted Dec 02 2008 9:26pm

Shopping via eBay is recyclicious, uh yeah, new term I invented: Recyclicious! Getting your "green on" has never been so easy as when you recycle on eBay (and you might be able to earn some money at it at the same time). Case in point: even my second year old is into the eBay recyclicious ball game.

Recently, my mother-in-law, bless her heart, brought over the ugliest danged purse I have ever seen. Out there in the world somewhere are a bunch o' women who would just love a used, ripped, fake leather, metallic pink, imitation crocodile purse studded with cheap silver-tone studs, diamonds, and a giant metallic emblem sewn onto the front of it, but not me. That purse made me dizzy.


My mother-in-law smiled and said, "Got it for free - family was throwing it out. It's shiny!" That could mean only one thing; my youngest daughter would love it. As soon as my kiddo saw that awful thing she grinned and said, "Shiny!"

Indeed. Plus Grandma had rescued it from the landfill.

Two days later, however, my oldest daughter mentioned something noteworthy; " I think that purse is actually worth something."

Now THAT grabbed my younger daughters attention. She had been saving for a Nintendo DS all summer. As parents, my husband and I feel one of our chief responsibilities with the children is to make sure they learn the value of money, and we have encouraged our seven year old to make some hard choices with any money she earns; "if YOU want it YOU buy it!" Therefore, the next words out of her mouth made a lot of sense, "Let's eBay it Mom!"

After doing five minutes of research on eBay, we found similar purses were selling for close to sixty dollars in good condition. Amazing. A photo and a couple keystrokes later and we had the horrifically shiny purse listed. Ten days later the purse sold - rip and all - for forty-two dollars. My youngest daughter was ecstatic; my oldest daughter was shocked. My husband just laughed.

The lesson learned here? Being green is something you can and should do every day in life. It is easy. To recycle this purse on eBay, the garage sale paradise of America, the total expenditure of time was less than thirty minutes. How many seven year olds make forty-two dollars per hour? Mine does! My second year old recycled her purse, earned her own money, and learned a lesson about how to save the landfills. I'm so proud!

Oh yeah - and what did she do with that money? She combined it with what she already had earned, plus a few birthday dollars, and bought herself a wonderful pink, metallic, and very shiny Nintendo DS. My reaction, "uh... shiny!"

Do the right thing - teach your family how to reduce, reuse, recycle, and be green by LIVING it every day.

Shawna Coronado says Get Healthy! Get Green! Get Community! or The Blog,

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