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Miracle Drywash Saves Water

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:40pm


If you can’t make it out to Vancouver, Miracle Drywash is a new product whose makers hope will change the way we clean and polish our vehicles. It’s a non-aerosol spray that lifts dirt and grime from any painted surface. Then you wipe it and you’re done.

The product uses no water (other than that in the compound) and puts no harmful surfactants (soap suds and salt) down the drain. While Miracle Drywash cannot claim to be the complete green solution to these issues (the compound is based upon petrochemicals after all) it can help diminish the amount of water you use when washing your car.

Their new car cleaning kit comes with 500ml Miracle Drywash, 2 micro fibre cloths and 2 latex gloves.

From the press release:

MDW is sprayed onto the dirty area, gently wiped in, allowed to dry (2 minutes approximately) then wiped off with a second clean cloth. The surface, be it bodywork, or glass, is free of all dirt, and left with a layer of polish to further protect the cleaned surface. During the ‘drying period’, the compound lifts the dirt and grime off the bodywork, and suspends it within the drying liquid. When wiped off, the dirt and grime has already been enveloped by the compound and does not come into contact with the bodywork again, thus it does not scratch, or mark the bodywork as it is removed.

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