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Milk Chug on Train

Posted Sep 12 2008 12:05pm
Okay people, so I was on the train going up for my usual acupuncture and torture--I mean tuina--massage and the lady sitting across from me (who didn't look healthy to begin with) pulls out this awful thing called a "milk chug," which she proceeded to...chug. The whole thing. It made me queasy just thinking about it, and I was thinking how the Euro-American types have the super-duper milk digesting gene or something. I don't think I've had straight milk in...decades?

Ten minutes later, though, she was discreetly clutching her tum, even sticking her hand under her shirt, and looking mighty dyspeptic. Looking around me today as I strolled in Boston, I was amazed to see how much milk people were coffee, the chug, one woman even had a Nalgene bottle full of milk. Oh, I should mention the coffee milk is the state drink of Rhode Island or something--something to do with some coffee company deciding this was the way to use up old coffee grounds. Yep, yep, yep, you can always count on a company to have our best interests at heart.

Anyone here really like milk?

If you want to watch people throw up milk in real time, don't miss this video:

Tomorrow: another dispatch from acupuncture session. Bet you'll be sitting on pins and needles in the meantime....
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