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Mexican Eco-Blogging - Iguanas; the Squirrel of the Mexican Riviera

Posted Mar 23 2010 6:55am

Iguana Friend.jpg

While squirrels and raccoons are animals we Midwesterners commonly see in our neighborhoods, I thought it would be interesting to show you what animal we see at every turn here in Mexico; the Iguana.

In 1768, Austrian naturalist Josephus Nicolaus Laurenti first described the Iguana. Spiny Tail Iguanas, or Ctenousaurs, are commonly found in Mexico, particularly in the Yucatan Peninsula where our eco-adventure takes place. Ctenousaurs are generally omnivorous, feeding on fruits, flowers, foliage, as well as on small animals and grow to be about 35 inches long. Iguanas are environmentally sensitive and are sometimes destroyed with pesticide and herbicide chemical exposure.

Cold-blooded creatures, our Iguana friends can be found gloriously stretched out on rocks, draped across stretches of sidewalk, and generally lounging about in full sun warming themselves. We see them at hotels, in the jungle, near the beach, on ruins, in gardens, and generally smiling at us where ever we travel. Above you see one of our favorites nodding his head and saying, "Howdy-Do!"

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