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March’s Stupid Plastic Crap

Posted Mar 31 2011 11:17am

A plastic toy free with a Happy Meal.  It came in its own
plastic bag, too.

Awww!  Isn’t it precious?  A little lamb with huge eyes.  What child would not want to play with it?  Children can have it “FREE” with the purchase of a McDonald’s Happy Meal.  There are many issues involved with giving free toys to young children in order to entice them to buy a Happy Meal.  For this blog, the number 1 issue is that the toy is plastic. The food will long be eaten and digested while the toy hangs around in the environment forever.  It’s not even a particularly nice toy either, but it is free after all.  It will probably have a “play life” of a few minutes at the restaurant and then be forgotten.
These toys often are related to a current movie or fad that kids might like.  They come with a meal that is high in calories, fat, and salt.  Childhood obesity is an epidemic in the U.S. and that trend happens to have begun at the same time as the beginning of the Happy Meal toy.  

Some lawmakers think this is bribery at the expense of a young child's health.   San Francisco has banned fast food restaurant kid meals with toys as have lawmakers in other parts of California.  They have demanded that kids’ meals have certain nutrition requirements before a free toy can be included.

There are greener ways to entertain and feed your child.  Don’t buy plastic toys.  Many plastic toys have BPA and phthalates in them. There are toys that are made of wood or metal that are a much greener choice.  Feed your child at home or pack a meal to take with you. Practice healthy eating for yourself and your child. It's good for your child and the environment.

These are at least 20 years old, from the days when transformers
were popular.  They are plastic and promote McDonald's own

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