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MAN Fertility: Fix Thinning Hair by Rebalancing your Scalp?

Posted Oct 01 2008 9:10pm

I've become a big believer that hair/skin are huge indicators of our overall health and yin/yang balance. So piling on silicone and other find-at-the-Pep-Boys-garage ingredients might slick things up temporarily, but in the long run probably does more harm than good.

My husband has been mildly anxious about some thinning hair. By being married to me, he's not going to go near, say Propecia, the drug that has on its label a black-box warning that women can give their kids birth defects by merely handling the tablets. Talk about eeek!

Anyway, I've been reading more about how dandruff is a big sign of inflammation; it's not actually caused by dry scalp, but by too much oil, which causes the desperate scalp to shed off those flakes the way a feverish person kicks off the covers. Get inflamed enough, the hair follicles poop out.

As the risk of seeming too meterosexual, my husband finally took my advice to try out some Dr. Hauscka Neem Hair Lotion. Neem is a tree whose medical use can be traced back to the Vedas, the ancient spiritual texts of India and is in about 75% of all ayurvedic the word is actually a derivation of a sanskrit word that means "bestower of good health." There you go. The literature that came with this says it "enlivens and normalized the scalp...Fine, thin hair is strengthened whiel oily and dry conditions are balanced."

He sprinkled a little on every day--and it didn't make his hair look greasy. I use this stuff all the time and it's made my hair the softest it's ever been and I've achieved a long-held goal of growing it past my shoulders--it used to break off before it grew longer.

Anyway, the stuff in the bottle is all botanical, no chemical crap or preservatives, it's supercharged organic, and you gotta love any company that puts their stuff in plastic so you don't get all those lousy xenoestrogens from the plastic. And his hair looks great, nicely wavy and no frizz--and no dandruff! As to whether it's going to get thicker, hair only grows about a 1/2" a month, so we'll need to do a longer-term study on it. But at the very least, healthy hair looks thicker. I see the bottle has migrated to "his" side of the bathroom. I think he really likes it, and you will, too.
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