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Making Progress on Global Warming

Posted Feb 11 2009 2:50pm
The greenhouse gas effect due to the buildup of CO2 was first discovered in the 1800's by a scientist named Joseph Fourier. This discovery has been built upon over the years and its implications have become clearer and clearer as we have learned more about our planet. Studies on climate change date back decades, with the National Academy of Sciences rigorously studying the issue thirty years ago. They determined if CO2 levels were to continue to increase that the impacts would be severe. I am sure that there are other studies that predate this one, but I bring this up simply to highlight a point: the science is in, global warming is real, and we should have taken serious action decades ago.

But we are where we are, and after years of the same energy policies, President Obama and Congress are working towards modernizing our energy sources and fighting global warming. This is good because fighting global warming creates jobs, cleans our air, and frees us of our dependence on foreign energy sources.

So who could be against that? Why would anyone be against that? Don't we want jobs? And don't we want the government to be infusing money into the energy sources of the future?

According to "Americans For Prosperity," global warming is a "highly speculative problem in the future." This and other groups have started campaigns against policies that would help fight global warming.

The leaders of tomorrow are those who position themselves for success today. By investing in clean energy now we are building the infrastructure that will allow our country to continue to excel and lead. Much as the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 facilitated American growth by creating the transportation structure needed to move goods and people across our vast nation - a new energy plan must be forward thinking, comprehensive and strategic. Clean energy is coming, and those that drag their feet are bound to get left behind. makes it easy and affordable for any individual or business to reduce and offset their carbon footprint.
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