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Love to lather! The craft of natural soap

Posted Mar 15 2010 2:24am

soapartisan300 Soap. Whatever your brand choice, it’s an everyday product and has thought to have been part of history from as far back as Ancient Babylon, around 2500 BC. Jen Marsden writes.

In fact, an entire soap factory with finished bars was unearthed within the Pompeii ruins. The Egyptians used a similar soap-like material to clear their skin diseases. It has always been considered both for its medicinal and cleansing purposes and today, soap is still the first simple preventative suggestion for our current modern-day epidemic, swine flu.

Legend has it that the foamy stuff got its name from Mount Sapo during Roman times. After animals were sacrificed in fires the melted animal fat was washed down the hill by rainfall into the Tiber River where women regularly washed. They noticed they were much cleaner here.

What used to be an utterly mystifying experience for the Romans grew into an art form, particularly with soap that has been cold processed where success lies in perfect formulation and timing.

This article first appeared on , who delivers a wide range of natural beauty products direct to your home. To view the full article on soap and its manufacture, please click here .

Photo credit: necrocake

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