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Love Saving Money? Let's Slash Your Food Store Bill - Live Green and Save Series

Posted Jan 24 2012 12:00am
Natural and Organic Foods and Household Products at Unnatural Prices!

I am having the greatest, green time saving money on natural and organic foods by slashing my food store bill through shopping online at the Green Polka Dot Box !  It is so much fun to see what my discounted member prices are compared to the suggested retail price.  On all of my favorite, healthy, green brands and products like Preserve , BPA (Bisphenol-A) free toothbrushes and kitchenware items to PUR aspartame free gum and Pacific Natural's Chocolate Almond Milk, and so many more, I am saving big time.
Green Polka Dot Box Membership Rewards for a Healthy You and a Healthy Pocketbook
And did I tell you how much time, not to mention aggravation, I save by shopping at the Green Polka Dot Box?  No more fighting with my girls about what goes into the cart.  I am in charge at the Green Polka Dot Box and my GPDB virtual shopping cart means I can shop anytime, on my time.  I really love it.  I can easily and quickly place my orders at 1 o'clock in the morning or at 1 o'clock in the afternoon.  The ordering process is streamlined, simple and actually kind of fun.  Now when was the last time you thought food shopping was fun? 

Get Environmentally Friendly Products at the Green Polka Dot Box for Your Green Living Lifestyle on a Budget

I think I enjoy shopping online at the Green Polka Dot Box because it feels like a place I belong.  All of the products are made by companies that are a part of the green living revolution and they truly care about consumer and environmental health.  The suppliers we work with at the Green Polka Dot Box like Tom's of Maine, Annie's Naturals, Earth's Best, Bob's Red Mill, Eden Organics and so many more, offer healthy, organic and many non-GMO products along with their tips, recipes and special discounted pricing on the Green Polka Dot Box site .  

I wish the Green Polka Dot Box was around when I had little ones. Moms and dads you can get up to 60% off and more on healthy brands for your baby like Earth's Best and Happy Baby

To make it just a little more fun and easy to shop at the Green Polka Dot Box, with every order you place over $150,  you will get free shipping.  Plus as a GPDB member you will have access to special offers and free products!!  You can even shop the foods that match you like gluten free, vegan, diabetic, non-toxic, unscented, petroleum free and more.

Today when I placed my order, I was so excited to order some of my favorite BPA free, recycled and recyclable Preserve toothbrushes at over half-off!!  You just cannot get BPA free toothbrushes at CVS or Publix and I won't shop Whole Foods!  It has been bugging me for quite a while now that I have been allowing my family to put harmful BPA laced toothbrushes directly into their mouths twice a day...well for Lexie twice a day is questionable. 

One of my favorite money saving finds today at the Green Polka Dot Box BPA free, recycled and recyclable Preserve Toothbrushes for the whole family!

Here are some of the other great deals I got today from some of my favorite green living suppliers at the Green Polka Dot Box .  Remember, the prices shown are the GPDB member discounted price for each item:
  • Pacific Natural's Chocolate Almond Milk (4 ea., 8 oz.)                                       $2.55 2@ $5.10
  • Preserve BPA Free Dry Measuring Cups - Apple Green                                       1@ $5.28
  • Preserve BPA Free Small Food Storage - Apple Green                                         $2.51 2@ $5.02
  • Preserve BPA Free Small Cutting Board - Apple Green                                        1@ $7.21
  • Preserve BPA Free Mail Back Pack Soft Toothbrush                                             1@ $13.21
  • Preserve Jr BPA Free Soft Endangered Species Toothbrush                                  1@ $12.86
  • Dr. Ken's Peppermint Whole Care Tooth Paste                                                      1@ $3.75
  • Tom's of Maine Maximum Care Flouride Free Toothpaste, Spearmint                  1@ $4.35
  • PetGuard Organics Chicken Jerky Dog Snacks                                                      1@ $4.16
  • PetGuard Naturals Cats and Dogs Shampoo and Conditioner                                1@ $5.44
  • Hugo Naturals Shampoo & Wash 8oz- Chamomile & Vanilla                                    1@ $7.19
  • Dr. Bronner's Baby 32oz-Mild Pure Castile Liquid Soap                                        1@ $14.19
  • Hugo Naturals Volumizing Vanilla & Sweet Orange Shampoo                                1@ $6.79
  • Hugo Nat Moisturizing & Restoring Red Tea &Ylang Ylang Shampoo                     1@ $6.79
  • Hugo Naturals Volumizing Vanilla & Sweet Orange Conditioner                            1@ $6.79
  • Hugo Nat Moisturizing & Restoring Red Tea & Ylang Ylang Con                             1@ $6.79
  • Tom's Natural Spearmint Antiplaque Flat Floss                                                      $2.77 2@ $5.54
  • Froose Organic Whole Grains & Fruit Perfect Pear Juice for Kids                           1@ $1.99
  • Froose Organic Whole Grains & Fruit Cheerful Cherry Juice for Kids                     1@ $1.99
  • Froose Organic Whole Grains & Fruit Playful Peach Juice for Kids                         1@ $4.49
  • Pacific Naturals Original Oat Milk                                                                           1@ $2.13
  • Candy Tree Organic Gluten Free Raspberry Twists                                                1@ $2.18
  • Yummy Earth Organics Sour worms pillow bag                                                     $1.50 2@ $3.00
  • PUR Aspartame Free Spearmint Gum (12 ea., 9 pieces )                                        1@ $14.39
  • Pacific Natural's Creamy Tomato Soup in carton                                                    1@ $2.86
  • Imagine Broccoli Soup in carton                                                                             1@ $2.51
  • Pacific Natural's Thai Sweet Potato Soup in  carton                                               1@ $2.25 

Let me know if you have any questions!!  You can also get more info on the Green Polka Dot Box website .
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