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Life After People: A History Channel Documentary

Posted Nov 11 2008 7:17am

I admit it, I actually like watching the History Channel. Not just because it shows great documentaries ab out World War II and Nostradamus, but also because it educates people about the environment.

There is an amazing documentary titled Life After People that you absolutely should watch. It goes 5, 10, 20 and hundreds of years into a future without humans.

Just by watching it I’ve learned:

  • After 1 year - Mussels the size of a thumb nail could repopulate and clog up storm drains and cause something as massive as the Hoover Dam to break and flood the entire state of Colorado.
  • In 5 years - Great monuments in Washington, DC will be swallowed by greenery, sprout forests and will become jungle-like habitats for animals that escape from the zoo.
  • In 25 years - Cockroaches will eat book-bindings, cardboard and other dead organic matter to survive and repopulate, while the wolf population will grow to about half a million.
  • In 40 years - Any building made of stone will turn to dust because salt that is spread through polluted air, seawater and bird droppings will break down their elements.

And that’s not even halfway to 100 years…

Here’s a video of what will happen to buildings in a world without humans…

I very much suggest watching this show if you get the History Channel.

Here’s a link to the Life After People homepage, which also lists showtimes and other video clips.

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