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Later Lice!

Posted Jun 10 2010 11:21am

by kiwilog

natural-head-lice-treatment-productshotAlthough many of us would not like to admit it, head lice does happen.  If you share a hat, an item of clothing, or anything that has been in contact with lice, there is a good chance you may catch it too.

Head lice attach themselves to your body by biting your skin and are found on the scalp. Lice lay nits, which are eggs that attach themselves to the hair shaft.  These nits can cause extreme cases of itchiness and irritation (if you scratch too hard!).

Head lice can last for a month or more at a time so it is very important to treat it as soon as possible.  Try using Lice Ice, a non-toxic gel that is safe, powerful and proven to be an effective treatment.  While many moms and dads have to spend hours combing through their kid’s hair looking for eggs, Lice Ice uses a gel that hardens and wipes out lice in their tracks eliminating the need for combing.  You apply the gel and leave it on your scalp for approximately 15 hours.  After this one application, you will find Lice Ice has helped to kill lice and nits from embedding themselves on your little one’s (or your own!) scalp.

This remedy also stops re-infestation from occurring and only costs $12.95 a tube! For more information on this natural approach to head lice, please visit Lice Ice.

-Brittany, KIWI staffer

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