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Kombucha...the beer of teas

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:46pm


Stuff that's hidden and murky and ambiguous is scary because you don't know what it does... Jerry Garcia

This stuff is da bomb. It is totally my crack. Hi, I’m Denise and I am a Kombucha addict.

Kombucha has been around since 250 BC (according to this Wiki ) and it is actually a tea that is made from a fungus. Mmmm, fungus tea…Doesn’t that sound delicious?

In parts of Eastern Europe, it is common to have a jar of this steeping in the kitchen at all times. I have considered making my own (the starters are available on line along with simple instructions for concocting one’s own brew) but in the meantime, GT's is a brand I really dig and it is available plain and mixed with fruit juice. (I am partial to the plain and the cranberry.) The taste is pungent and vinegary with a nice fizz.

Offering it to people yields one of two possible results: love or disgust. The disgust stems from a goopy bit of the “mushroom” that lives in each serving. It’s like a bit of (forgive me) a snot surprise in each bottle. (This goopy bit has also been described to me as: “Those flappy things that fly around the Millenium Falcon when Han Solo unknowingly lands his ship inside a giant meteor worm.”)

And if that's not enough to rope you in, know that Kombucha is one of those “wonder foods” that contain active enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, antioxidants and polyphenols. It is incredible for the digestion and (I swear) leaves you with a little buzz.

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