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Keep Your Family Safe, Pets Safe, and Garden Safe: Choose A "Green" De-Icer

Posted Jan 04 2010 12:07pm

Ice is a problem this time of year for every one. Perhapslike meyou have cleverly titled your driveway"The Ice Skating Rink." Once it hits subzero temperatures with strong wind chillI am loathe to attempt the clearing of the driveway. Because of thisand also because I am a wicked and cruel MotherI send my children out to the mailbox to retrieve the mail for me on below zero days. Normallythey come running in exactly .03 seconds later with rosy cheeks and mail in handthe quick dash to the mailbox a simple task.

RecentlyI watched as my daughter cheerfully dashed out onto the ice rink. Within seconds she careened out of control with arms pin-wheeling and legs flying. She landed hard on the ice with an "umph!" and a whack. She came limping back up to the doortears in her eyesand gave me a look that would melt the heart of any ice queen. With a horrifying guilt only a Mother can haveI realized I had not scraped or salted the driveway and the poor kid nearly got a concussion because of it. Of course the salt box was empty and most of the stores were sold outso I went online to frantically search for a solution. What I discovered was a whole list of environmentally helpful ice melting products.

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Salt based ice-melters are not "green" or safe for your garden and only work to about 15 degrees. They cause damage to plantstrees and grass. It is unsafe for pets and children and runs off into our ground water and sewage areas. There is an organic compound which is pet safe and flowerbed/environment safe. It is effective to 20 degrees below zero and offers a better alternative for your home and family instead of using salt or other chemicals to melt ice. In factthere are so many brands of safe ice-melt I was surprisedand see no reason to use the old stand-by; salt. My adviceif you are interested in finding a green ice-melt product is to go no farther than the local pet or hardware storethere are many available. If online shopping is more convenient for you, search for "pet safe ice melt" on your favorite search engine.

If you would like to learn more about safely cleaning ice awaygo to this web page link. It has detailed information and links to other ice and snow removal experts.

By the waymy daughter DID get her revenge. We came home the day after her fall"ice skating rink" still in placeand she noticed a mail package sitting on our front stoop. She casually set me up. Smilingshe said"MomI'll get the packageYOU get the mail." I swear she looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. I agreedand started off for the mailbox and what-do-ya-knowfelt my feet slipping and sliding. I gradually picked up speed as I zoomed down the driveway towards my destination like a skier in a downhill race. Shrieking loudlylegs gyrating wildlyI achieved lift-off about half-way down landing hard in a bone-charring belly-flop and spun to a halt next to the mailbox.

Ah yes... revenge is sweet.

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