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Posted Jun 12 2011 8:07pm

This month’s Stupid Plastic Crap is so bad it is almost funny - Booger Buddies.  It is plastic lid that can be screwed onto a squeezable ketchup bottle.  When you squeeze the bottle, ketchup comes out of its mouth.  Similar to this is Mustard Monster.  Mustard comes out it its nose.
"Add some whimsy and fun to your food with the Booger Buddies Ketchup Bottle Cap by Evriholder Products. This comical bottle cap comes in the shape of a little devil head, which attaches to most ketchup bottles."
It’s whimsical and gross and silly -  a huge waste of resources and $3.99.  A greener option, of course, is just squeeze your mustard and ketchup through the lid that comes with the product.  An even greener option is buy mustard and ketchup in glass bottles, which is getting harder and harder to do.  You could also make your own.  Mustard is really easy to make. Try this recipe .  I have never tried making my own ketchup.  Have any of you?  Send a recipe.

Think about the products you buy and ecological the footprint they leave.  

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