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It Takes 2 Years, 328 Days for Compassion to Die

Posted Oct 30 2011 6:01am
People dancing at a public park I visited
So I'm curled up watching the original Footloose movie with my family (as a backgrounder before seeing the just-released remake, and really, if you haven't seen it in awhile, you will be shocked at how good Kevin Bacon is in it).  The whole town hall thing in that movie dragged my head back to things that have concerned me here close to home.  I'm not going to spend much more time on it on this blog (see my little one-paragraph summary of it here, and see my friend Bob's latest round-up on the issue here if you are interested).  I just want to share this "food for thought" with you (especially if you think "compassion" is a soft topic that has no place in public decision-making), from this dialogue snippet from the movie:

Coach Roger Dunbar: It doesn't take much time for corruption to take root, Reverend.

Reverend Shaw Moore:  How long is that, Roger?
Roger: About as long as it takes for compassion to die.
So, for those of you keeping track out there, who may have been following decisions made by the newest city in the United States* (which started operating on December 1, 2008), I'll tell you how long it takes.  Two years, 328 Days.  

*By the way, I stopped writing that blog (Sustainable Dunwoody) almost 2 years ago, and it still gets about 1,600 page views per month. Also, Sustainable Pattie , which I stopped writing in May of this year, still gets 1,700 page views per month, and the blog you are reading (FoodShed Planet) gets 15,000 per month.  So, yes, folks are watching.  And, please, if everyone reading this could exhibit one act of compassion today, I think that would be helpful, in a small "stone in the pond" way that can actually make a difference.  (That was my first blog, by the way: Stone in the Pond .) Also, see "Now Is the Time for That" on page 166 in my book .
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