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It's HERE! Win Over $1,000 in Green Living Treasure in The 2011 Great Green Earth Day Giveaway from and O

Posted Apr 01 2011 12:00am
It's Time to Win Over $1000 in 
Green Living Treasure 
for Earth Day 2011!
Earth Day is April 22 and this year and our Eco-partners are making it easy and fun to find the green living treasure in self, people and planet!  Our 2011 Great Green Earth Day Giveaway is giving you the chance to win a mind blowing prize package of some of the hottest environmental treasure worth over $1350!

Meet our 2011 Great Green Earth Day Giveaway Eco-Partners below and check out the green living goodies that one lucky winner will take home for Earth Day 2011! 
To enter, after you check out our Eco-partners and their green living treasures below, leave a comment telling us which product you are lovin' and why! Then find out out below how you can enter to win...over and over and over again!!!!
Naya "Sister" from the Criss Cross Collection
Retail Value $120
The Naya brand was created for women who want beautiful, comfortable shoes that leave a softer footprint on our earth. Whenever possible, the Naya collection includes:
  • vegetable-tanned leathers and lining
  • natural or recycled content fabrics
  • foot beds and outsoles containing natural cork
  • water-based cements
  • boxes made with 80% recycled paper pulp,
  • soy-based inks and water-based glue
  • reusable shoe bags and shoe forms made with recycled PET
  • The Sister is available at

    Lluvia Basics 
    Suggested Retail Value $190, Preferred Price $125
    Amazon Herb Company’s mission is to help the world recognize the healing values of the living Rainforest.  is committed to: Providing access to the healing potential of the Amazon Rainforest, Supporting a sustainable future for the Rainforest and its inhabitants and Empowering like-minded entrepreneurs in sharing this vision.  Since 1990, Amazon Herb Company has worked directly with Indigenous Rainforest communities in Peru. Each year, a percentage of all company profits goes toward providing scholarships, helping obtain land titles and deeds, and securing the future of the Peruvian Rainforest.
    Renew the health and vitality of your skin with these three Lluvia™ Basics skin care products for every skin type:
  • Lluvia Botanical Facial Cleanser™ (3.5 fl. oz.) – reaches deep into pores to safely dissolve and lift away impurities.
  • Lluvia Camu C Serum™ (1 fl. oz.) – protects skin with a wealth of powerful Rainforest anti-aging ingredients that help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Lluvia Replenishing Moisturizer™ (2 fl. oz.) – locks in moisture, reduces the appearance of premature aging, and shields skin from harmful sun exposure
  • Pro Energy Consultants Home Energy Audit
    Energy audit is valid anywhere in the US that Pro Energy has a participating franchise.
    Retail Value $500
    At Pro Energy Consultants energy consulting firm, our mission is to help American homeowners make informed decisions through home energy audits and energy management consulting.  Pro Energy Consultants has been a leader in energy efficiency auditing, energy conservation services and home performance since 1995. Today, we are the nation's largest energy conservation auditing company with franchise locations from coast to coast.
    At Pro Energy Consultants, our professional energy management consultants take a home performance approach to your energy audit and to your home. In simple terms, this means that our energy audit is about a lot more than just energy consulting.  By applying a holistic, scientifically-based home performance approach to your home, our energy management consultants can help you understand your home as a set of inter-related systems, all working with, and dependent upon, each other. For the first time, as you make decisions, you can be armed with definitive, objective evidence coupled with an eye-opening new understanding of how your home works.
    We want you to make the right decisions, for the right reasons...
  • For your energy consumption
  • For your comfort
  • For your budget
  • And for your planet.
  • Save Energy. Save Money. Save the Environment. Brightly Green All-Natural Aromatherapy Household CleanersBrightly Green All-Natural Aromatherapy Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate Combo 32oz Makes 2&1/2 Gallons + Labeled Reusable Bottle  $16.47 value
    Brightly Green All-Natural Aromatherapy Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate Combo 32oz Makes 2&1/2 Gallons + Labeled Reusable Bottle  $18.49 value
    Brightly Green All-Natural Aromatherapy Glass Cleaner Concentrate Combo 32oz
    Makes 2&1/2 Gallons + Labeled Reusable Bottle  $16.47 value
    Total Retail Value $51.43
    Brightly Green's Household Cleaners contain our unique blend of ingredients that come from nature. Our plant-based natural green cleaners are balanced to achieve optimum performance and "superior" cleaning without causing any damage to the environment or YOU!   You can feel good about every aspect of your commitment to “Healthy Living” inside and outside your sparking clean "Brightly Green" home!  Our household cleaners are Non-Toxic and are Kid Friendly, Pet Friendly as well as Eco-Friendly and 100% Sustainable!   Save the Earth & $ave Money Too!
  • The Aromatherapy Spa Scent makes cleaning a pleasure (really!).
  • Concentrates & Combos for Eco $avings
  • 100% Non-Toxic, 100% Natural, 100% Sustainable (Plant Based), 100% Biodegradable, 100% Money Back Guarantee 
  • Kid Friendly, Pet Friendly, Eco-Friendly, User Friendly
  • Brightly Green wholesale pricing and distributorships available!
  • Get Clean Water by Shaklee Retail Value $67.70
    With all the news about Hexavalent Chromium, (Erin Brochovich made this famous and we are still fighting this in 2011) a possible carcinogen found in the tap water in 31 cities. We need to educate ourselves on what we are drinking.  Needless to say, drinking bottled water is a better option, but not good for the earth.  To celebrate Earth Day, Encoremind - Daniel and Cheryl Dealbert Independent Distributors for Shaklee are offering a  Get Clean Water Starter Kit valued at $67.70. 
    Simply put:
  • Safe: Water Quality Association is certified to reduce lead and more! (Brita and PUR are not)
  • Powerful:  80 Gallons from every filter (2X as many than leading brands)
  • Green:  First refillable carbon block filter system, less waste in landfills.  Each filter is made with our sustainable coconut shell carbon- better for the environment.
  • Smart:  costs pennies a gallon with a smart meter that shows exactly when to replace your filter.  No more guessing.
  • two leaves and a bud TEA COMPANY Bamboo Tea Chest Sampler Retail Value $89.95
    At two leaves and a bud TEA COMPANY , all we do is think about tea leaves.  We do the footwork for you and actually go to the organic tea gardens! Founder, Richard, feels it's Two Leaves and Bud's mission to bring the experience of the organic gardens back to our customers. Our journeys to the gardens show us time and time again that great growers deserve to be rewarded for great tea. As a result, we pay more for premium whole leaf teas, ensuring that more money makes it back to the source.
  • This small but sturdy bamboo box offers a sampler of eight of our best selling teas
  • Includes an excellent range of teas and herbals for the tea drinker in your life who loves to discover new teas
  • Includes two sachets of Organic Earl Grey, Jasmine Petal, Organic Peppermint, Organic Tamayokucha, Organic Assam Breakfast, Organic Orange Sencha, Organic Chamomile, and Organic African Sunset tea
  • Two leaves and a bud is also a Fair Trade certified company
  • Coco-Zen Fair Trade Certified Organic Truffles $25 Gift Certificate Retail Value $25
    Coco-Zen came about when new mom and chocoholic, Joyce Kushner, decided to take a break from the frenetic pace of retail marketing to stay at home to care for her newborn son. During maternity leave, Joyce spent her 45-minute "breaks" while her son napped making chocolate desserts. It turned out that experimenting with chocolates (and tasting them!) helped Joyce maintain her post-partum "tranquility."
    Chocolate truffles being her favorite, Joyce soon developed several "harmonious" flavor combinations and gave them away to family and friends (while extolling the wonders of a little daily chocolate indulgence). As it turned out, the truffles were a hit. So deciding to take a chance, she said goodbye to corporate America and went into business for herself.  Thus, Coco-Zen was born - spreading the joy of chocolate "enlightenment" one truffle at a time.
  • As a retailer...We are conscious of the impact that packaging and marketing materials have on the environment. Our Bulk Truffles are packaged in recyclable kraft corrugated boxes, and our packaged truffle containers are designed to be reused as well as recycled. In our shipment boxes, we use packing material made from recycled and/or biodegradable materials (no styrofoam peanuts here!).
  • As a business...We realize that there are many simple things we can do to minimize the effects that running a business has on our beautiful planet - from "powering up" with renewable energy via renewable energy certificates (RECs), to "powering down" during non-business hours; from reusing the back side of printer paper, to avoiding paper usage by communicating and storing information electronically.
  • As members of a larger community...Finally, we understand the importance of reaching out to help and work together with others. We're linking up with social and eco-minded businesses. We're supporting and contributing to environmental organizations. We're sharing all the planet & people friendly "stuff" we find. While we believe that an individual can make a difference, we know that, together, many can bring about great change.
  • BABYBEARSHOP 100% Organic Wishy Wash Baby Wash + Shampoo 
    Retail Value $20
    "BABYBEARSHOP® has been a labor of love. I simply wanted to create a remedy that would soothe my infant’s sensitive skin,” says Diana Lussenden Stewart, CEO and Founder of BABYBEARSHOP. “Now, I have a company dedicated to those with allergies and I am delighted to introduce our highly anticipated baby wash and shampoo. It has taken five years to formulate a product this pure and this means one less toxic baby product available to the consumer.”
  • Organic baby wash and shampoo made with good-for-baby pure formula of soothing herbs and plants such as sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, Caldendula flower, Nettle Leaf, Aloe Vera, rosemary and more. 
  • Wishy Wash™ is a 100% USDA certified organic baby wash and shampoo that gently cleanses without the use of toxins, harsh chemicals, or artificial ingredients.
  •  BABYBEARSHOP® discloses all of its ingredients and is committed to creating the safest products available, while utilizing local and natural resources for the benefit of our children and the sustainability of our environment.
  • Baby Harmony Spring Green Cleaning Giveaway!Baby Harmony Pure & Free Toy & Highchair Cleaner $5.45
    Baby Harmony Pure & Free All-Purpose Cleaner $5.99
    Baby Harmony Pure & Free Glass Cleaner $4.54
    Baby Harmony Pure & Free Dish & Bottle Wash $6.45
    Baby Harmony Pure & Free Laundry Wash 3X Concentrate HE/Standard 64 loads $16.99
    Baby Harmony Pure & Free Non-Chlorine Bleach HE/Standard 21 Loads $6.99
    Baby Harmony Pure & Free Fabric Stain Remover HE/Standard $7.99
    Total Retail Value $54.40
    Baby Harmony All-Natural Pure Free Household Cleaners:Baby Harmony was founded by a grandmother on a mission looking for safe products for her grandchildren. Baby Harmony is specially formulated to be all-natural, pure & free, organic, green, Eco-friendly cleaning for today's healthy living family!  Safe and natural for your baby's lungs, safe for sensitive skin and safe for sensitive noses!”  Baby Harmony is a natural cleaning product  that is safe for your baby and the Earth and is as effective or more effective as the harsh cleaners available on the market today!
  • NO  fragrances or scents of any kind
  • NO essential oils that may cause allergic reactions for a sensitive baby.   
  • No fragrances, dyes, toxic residue or fumes.
  • No ingredients that may cause allergic reactions  and that are dangerous for you and your baby.
  • YES to the power of nature!
  • Baby Harmony uses natural green organic cleaners and cleaning agents derived from nature for superior cleaning power
  • International Children's Entertainer Rosie Emery's New CD "My Backyard"
    Retail Value $10
    Rosie Emery is a singer/songwriter/environmental educator and producer specializing in creating content for children about ecology and wellness through songs, performances, workshops and programs.
    Enjoy Rosie's recently recorded fourth CD of children's songs.  Recored with award-winning producer Dan Donahue, this CD focuses on Backyard critters and the benefits of children discovering nature in their backyards.  Be sure to check out the website that accompanies the CD!
    The Award Winning Oh Plah Retail Value $14.99
    The award-winning Oh Plah! is a unique twist on teethers and is meant to be worn on Mom's wrist so she doesn't have to fumble in a baby bag or purse while her fussy baby is miserable and making life miserable for everyone else. The chewable material gives baby just the right amount of teething relief while allowing Mom to breathe her own sigh of relief.
  • French for "Here You Go!" Oh Plah! is an eco-friendly bracelet for mom that baby or child can safely play with as a toy or teether. 
  • Constructed of medical grade thermoplastic - it's non-toxic, bacteria-resistant, and free of lead, latex, PVC, BPA and phthalates.
  • Sweet P's Organic Romance Gift SetRetail Value $20
    Sweet P’s has bundled together all of the essential ingredients for an evening of romance just like a torrid novel. Sweet P’s provides the products with all of the ingredients for an evening of romance and you supply your imagination.  Not to diminish the sweet thoughts of the evening, We have used a beautiful made in the USA recycled tulip candle glass, USA grown soy candle wax, and Sweet P’s made in Tucson, Arizona products packaged in recycled gift box.
  • Fill the air with the sweet scent of Sweet Pea flowers with our tulip glass candle filled with long lasting flickering light that adds the soft, glow of romance.  
  • Supplement the evening’s pleasure by massaging away the thoughts of today with Organic Massage Oil.  
  • Complete the evening’s package with something that is wrapped like an exquisite candy but is designed to melt into your skin leaving it super soft but tasty.  This original product of Sweet P’s is part of our Skin Care Confection Line and is a fabulous massage product made with edible flavor oils.  Instead of kissing or nibbling on skin scented with alcohol and chemical oils, imagine enjoying the assorted flavors that nature provides. 
  • NYR Organic US Lip GlossRetail Value $16
    Philosophy: NYR is  passionate about transforming people's lives, educating and empowering them on how to live more healthily through the power of nature.Vision: To be a world leader of natural health and beauty, enabling people to live more healthily.Mission: To improve the quality of people's lives by sharing our expertise and encouraging a more natural, holistic way of health, beauty, and well-being.
  • Rich lasting color 
  • Enriched with skin-nourishing Organic Beauty Oil
  • Subtle-tasting organic sweet orange essential oil
  • Antioxidant white tea
  • USDA certified organic castor seed oil
  • No parabens, No silicones, No carmine 
  • OUTDOOR TECHNOLOGY Inked Recycled Speakers
    Retail Value $7.95
    Born and brewed in the heart of LA with roots extending from the Sick Sierras to our north, the little town of Ketchum Idaho, and the plains of the Midwest.  With a love all things outdoors and a passion for anything tech, we mixed it up in the not so traditional So Cal action sports tradition and created Outdoor Technology® in 2008.
  • Just like origami, but way cooler
  • These fold-out speakers are perfect for sharing your music on the mountain, urban session, beach or library
  • Made of 100-percent recycled card stock
  • These little speakers will rock your Eco socks off!
  • Eco Strip and $25 Gift Card

    Total Retail Value $64.95
    Our mission at BuyGreen is to become your most trusted source for green products, offering the widest variety of quality products, the best information for consumers, the best pricing and the most enjoyable shopping experience.  We believe that the power to make change rests with the individual consumer.  The products you buy every day make a difference.  Eco-friendly products are healthier for you and better for the planet.
  • Save 10% on your home or business electric bill with the Eco-Strip
  • According to the Department of Energy, 75 percent of all household electricity consumption is consumed when products are turned off. This costs the average home almost $1,200 each year. Save Energy
  • Eliminates Standby Power!
  • EcoStrip is taking an active role in generating conversation and motivating individuals to take action when it comes to improving the environmental status of our planet.
  • If you have a computer, why not make it a green one? The USB EcoStrip 2.0 helps you to conserve electricity by turning power-drawing devices off when you aren't at your computer. Save Earth 
  • Mia Bella's   Eco-Friendly Gourmet Jar Candle Retail Value $20
    Our Great Green Earth Day Giveaway prize package includes this 16oz Clean Burning Natural Wax candle in the scent of your choice! Mia Bella candles are made using a proprietary natural wax formula which allows them to burn practically soot-free and if you spill it you can clean it up with hot soapy water.  They use only the highest quality fragrances infused throughout the entire candle so you get the same incredible fragrance from top to bottom! Once you burn one of our Eco-Friendly Gourmet candles you will see and smell the difference!
    Reflex Safety Gear Hot Lips Retail Value $8.99
    You don't have to be a greenie to love this Hot Lips Pepper Spray but it is pretty cool that it is totally non-toxic right?  Of course you would have no worry spraying something toxic on a dude who is about to attack you, but still, you don't want to breathe any of it into your body right? 
      Hot Lips is that is looks like a lipstick holder but it is really a compact size pepper spray   Totally non-toxic but totally effective at dropping any attacker in their tracks  Easy to keep in your purse  or you can take it on your daily run  
    Green Garmento  Retail Value $9.99
    Be fantastic!  Use Less Plastic with the Green Garmento!
  •  An eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic drycleaning bag
  • A recyclable 4-in-1 garment bag
  • Breathable & Water Resistant
  • Offered by over 300 US drycleaners!
  • All Green Garmento bags have a 5.25" side gussets to gently fit multiple items
  • Full-length side zipper for easy access to all of your hanging garments
  • Engenex Pro B. Joe Probiotic Hand GelRetail Value $14.95
    Geogenex , a Better Life Provider, offers world-changing green probiotic personal care and household/industrial cleaning products that clean, sanitize and protect families and homes using live good bacteria natural to the body and the environment. Geogenex’ unique patented Green Probiotic Cleaning and Personal Care products eliminate bacteria including MRSA, an antibiotic resistant staph infection, the biofilm that protects bacteria from other cleaners and dust mites the leading cause of allergies.
    Pro B. Joe Probiotic Hand Gel:
  • Sanitizes hands for hours and leaves them feeling wonderfully soft – Works when Dry
  • Destroys harmful bacteria, and helps to keep us from picking up germs and possible infections when we touch everyday things like door handles, handrails, and everything else that our hands touch
  • Safe for Skin & Ecologically Friendly
  • Hospital and University Tested & Approved
  • Probiotic Power
  • Whole Earth Discipline by Stewart Brand 
    Retail Value $20
    According to Stewart Brand, a lifelong environmentalist who sees everything in terms of solvable design problems, three profound transformations are under way on Earth right now. Climate change is real and is pushing us toward managing the planet as a whole. Urbanization—half the world’s population now lives in cities, and eighty percent will by midcentury—is altering humanity’s land impact and wealth. And biotechnology is becoming the world’s dominant engineering tool. In light of these changes, Brand suggests that environmentalists are going to have to reverse some longheld opinions and embrace tools that they have traditionally distrusted. Only a radical rethinking of traditional green pieties will allow us to forestall the cataclysmic deterioration of the earth’s resources.
    Signed Copy of Celebrate Green by Corey Colwell-Lipson and Lynn Colwell Retail Value (w/out signatures) $24.95
    Corey is the founder of the non-profit initiative Green Halloween® which launched in 2006 and marked the beginning of the partnership with her mom on changing the way people celebrate. She also is a licensed marriage and family therapist and clinical art therapist.
    Lynn cares about what happens to her grandchildren and future generations of her family, but also, like most moms, she is concerned about the survival of all children and of the planet. Working with her daughter to make a difference by encouraging people to celebrate green is tremendously rewarding. 
    Together, Corey and Lynn are opening the eyes of people around the world to the importance of re-visiting traditions in the face of environmental challenges, of re-thinking how they celebrate, and of putting meaning in the greening. Signed Copy of Susan Freinkel's Newest Book "Plastic: A Toxic Love Story" Retail Value (w/out signature) $27
    Plastic built the modern world. Where would we be without bike helmets, baggies, toothbrushes, and pacemakers? But a century into our love affair with plastic, we’re starting to realize it’s not such a healthy relationship. Plastics draw on dwindling fossil fuels, leach harmful chemicals, litter landscapes, and destroy marine life. As journalist Susan Freinkel points out in this engaging and eye-opening book, we’re nearing a crisis point. We’ve produced as much plastic in the past decade as we did in the entire twentieth century. We’re drowning in the stuff, and we need to start making some hard choices.
    Here are just a few of the fascinating, and often startling, revelations:
      In 1960, the average American consumed 30 pounds of plastics a year.  Today, just 50 years later, Americans consume on average 300 pounds a year. We’ve produced nearly as much plastic in the first ten years of the new millennium, as in the entire preceding century. All Americans now carry traces of dozens of synthetic chemicals in their bodies – including fire retardants, bactericides, pesticides, plasticizers, solvents, heavy metals, waterproofing agents, stain repellents, Teflon and other compounds. Even newborns harbor chemicals – on average 200, according to one study. Plastic debris is now found in even the most remote places, like the Antarctic Ocean. Though most plastic can be recycled, almost none is. Only plastic beverage bottles and milk jugs, #1 and # 2 plastics are recycled in any great numbers. Even so, nearly three-fourths never get into the recycling stream, and instead wind up in landfill or incinerator
    Well that's it folks!  Pretty incredible right?  I am glad you had the chance to meet the caring people and learn about the Eco-ideology behind some of the best green living treasures and brands anywhere online or off.  So here's how to get started gaining your entries to win!!
    How to Enter, meet our green partners above and check out their giveaway offers!  Then leave a comment below telling us which green living product you are totally flipping for and why!
    For Additional Entries (must do above first to qualify for extra entries!):
  • Join our EB  facebook group and leave me your facebook user name. Already a part of our group, leave a comment below and tell me so.  (1 entry)
  • Blog about the giveaway and leave me a link in comments below to your post! (10 entries)
  • Follow our blog on Facebook Networked Blogs . Comment below and let me know. If you're already a follower, comment and let me know. (1 entry)
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  • Subscribe by email (must confirm subscription). Comment here on the blog and let me know! If you're already a subscriber, comment below and tell me so! (1 entry)
  • Download our Toolbar and tell me in the comments below or tell me if you already have it.  (5 entries)
  • Enter our giveaway URL into another blog's giveaway McLinky and leave the link in the comments below so I can see it! (1 entry)
  • Link to us from your site or blog and leave a comment here on the EB blog with the link! If you are already linked to us, leave a comment below and let me know. (5 entries)
  • Add me as a contact on Linkedin and comment below to let me know.  If we are already connected, leave a comment below to let me know.  (5 entries)
  • Join our EB Community site and leave a comment to let me know! If you are already a member, leave a comment below to let me know. (5 entries)
  • Follow @EnviroBooty on Twitter and tell me by leaving your Twitter name in the comments below.  If you already follow, leave a comment below and let me know your Twitter name. (1 entry)
  • For Additional Daily Entries Until Earth Day April 22, 2011:
  • Use the Facebook Like Button above and post to your Facebook wall and leave a comment with link (1 entry per day)
  • Post Giveaway URL to your blog, brand or business fan page and let me know each time you do by leaving each link in our comments below (1 entry per day)
  • Post about the giveaway on EB's'  facebook page and leave a comment here to let me know. (1 entry per day)
  • Use our special #Win4EarthDay Twitter Hashtag each day or use the button above to Tweet about our 2011 Great Green Earth Day Giveaway!  Let me know  in the comments below that you Tweeted! (1 entry per Tweet).  
    "#Win4EarthDay Over $1350 in Green Living Treasure in the EB #EarthDay #Giveaway!"  
  • Official Rules: Giveaway Begins: April 1 (12:01am EST) and Giveaway Ends: Earth Day, April 22 (midnight EST), 2011.
    • Winner Announced: April 25, 2011
    • Unlimited entries per giveaway rules above
    • You must be a US resident
    • No purchase is necessary and it is free to enter
    • You must follow rules for entries or, if you prefer not to leave a comment, you may request entry by emailing shane [at] EnvironmentalBooty [dot] com
    • You must be over 13 years of age to enter (18 in ME)
    • Total estimated value for all prizes is over $1350 USD
    • Winner will be randomly selected from all entries and will be notified by email address used when leaving comments to enter giveaway or through emailing me
    • Winner will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen  
    Good luck and have fun spreading the message of responsible, collective consumerism!! Peace, Love and Eco-Shane
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