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It’s all about the Cloud – Green IT

Posted Aug 04 2009 5:48pm

Cloud computing is a style of computing that is dynamically scalable and virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet. It is a different way to deliver services, software, and other capabilities. Traditionally a company would install the content directly onto all PC’s that need the solution. So if more than one computer needs it, it leads to a duplication of the software and essentially an unnecessary usage of hard disk space. When using the cloud, a user connects directly to the software or solution through the internet and does not need to install anything. The Cloud provider keeps a copy of the software on their own server and is able to stream it directly to the user – making it much more efficient and less energy intensive.

I recently spoke with the Data Deposit Box CEO, Jamie Brenzel at Always On Summit at Stanford. Data Deposit Box is a comprehensive online backup service developed upon two guiding principles: make it simple for users by making it smarter than any other solution. Data Deposit Box enables small to medium sized businesses to continuously back up their data. Their unique pricing plan eliminates the huge fixed costs that businesses would otherwise need to pay to back-up data on their own. The pricing is based on how much you use, making it very compelling in these tough economic times.

Jamie and Data Deposit Box have already made good effort in making his company part of a Green IT solution. “We optimize the capacity” Jamie mentioned in regards to them purchasing more servers only when they need to. If each of his 37,000 customers were to have their own servers to back up data, there will be unused space that still consumes energy to power them – leading to a waste of energy.

Jamie said that “Servers and power are the two biggest expenses for Data Deposit Box.” Even with energy being the 2nd highest expense, it is much less than if there was no Data Deposit Box.

Numerous cloud vendors are coming up and we believe they will be here for the long haul. Cloud computing (Green IT) is part of a fast growing movement and according to IDC will be a $42B industry in 2012.

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