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Is There Asbestos in Your Home?

Posted Dec 06 2008 6:44am
There are hazards to consider when conducting green renovations or health home improvements for home and building owners. Among these is asbestos. While most asbestos products were banned in the late 1970’s by the Consumer Products Safety Commission and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency thereafter, these materials still exist in nearly 80% of structures built prior to 1980.

Asbestos is particularly relevant when conducting energy efficiency renovations, as most asbestos products are found in insulation, duct work, piping, and other construction compounds. As these materials become older, they become brittle and even more hazardous. If they are disturbed, it is all the more likely that hazardous asbestos fibers can be released into the air. Inhaled asbestos fibers have been the principle cause for the rare and aggressive cancer, mesothelioma , as well as a host of other respiratory conditions.

Fortunately, there is help for those whose homes and buildings may contain this material. Asbestos abatement and consulting companies can indicate to you where and if asbestos products have become a health concern. These firms can then safely remove and dispose of these materials in adherence with state and federal regulations. Through simple precautions, asbestos cancer and other health conditions can be avoided as a result of asbestos exposure. We can create healthy homes and buildings, while staying healthy ourselves.

This article was written and presented by Jennifer Miller, Awareness and Outreach Coordinator for
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