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Iridology - The Window to Your Health

Posted Jul 20 2013 7:35pm
Eyes Reflect Your Health
The above painting was a relatively quick acrylic sketch in conjunction with my study of Iridology.  It was a lot of fun to glance into a mirror to try and capture my own eye along with some lilies that are currently in bloom along with my class mates.

By looking at the markings and structure of the iris, a practitioner is able to spot potential weaknesses,  that can be addressed with diet, supplements and homeopathy, long before medical tests would reveal a disease state. We do not diagnose or prescribe but suggest a holistic approach to health maintenance, including homeopathy, that can begin a healing process.

Did you know that only about 5% of diseases are genetic? If you had the opportunity to see weaknesses in your health and wellness, wouldn't you want to know and take proactive steps to prevent illness? Eyes can reveal (for example) past trauma (including the period of life this happened), current weakness in specific organs/parts of body and constitutional strength plus personality traits, gifts or talents.

Similar to foot reflexology, there are different signs, including spots, fiber type, color that show certain signs and traits.

I am fascinated by what I have so far discovered and look forward to learning even more in the weeks to come.
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