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International Day of Climate Action from Sets Important Milestone

Posted Jul 29 2009 10:07pm

Just like with other successful movements of social change over the centuries, in the battle against global warming solidarity is key. It is for this reason that I support the fine work of multiple environmental organizations with my time and money. Specifically on the subject of global warming, cultural change and the urgent move toward a low-carbon economy, few organizations have a more targeted message than

It was the good folks at who inspired the TckTckTck campaign designed to encourage politicians and climate negotiators to attend to their duties with the urgency which global warming deserves. With the capable assistance of Young Friends of the Earth Europe, the world’s largest human exclamation point was formed in Bonn, Germany on June 6 to help drive home the point that no global warming treaty which commits humanity to an atmospheric carbon count of greater than 350 parts per million is acceptable.

The subtitle of the photograph?

Survival Is Not Negotiable!

Now, and their allies have embarked on a new mission. You see, the Kyoto Protocol, to which the government of the United States committed itself but then never ratified, is up for renegotiation. The earlier version was helpful but the largest polluters barely have begun to address their pollution levels with any meaningful effect. So, the job of convincing all of the negotiators that we need a treaty which brings us to 350 parts per million falls to the people.

Hence, I am pleased to share with you the International Day of Climate Action from Scheduled for October 24, 2009, this watershed moment constitutes a genuine opportunity for environmentalists and concerned citizens everywhere to add their voice to the choir of people demanding real reform of greenhouse gas emissions.

Unlike Earth Day and similar events, which all are important but can lack a call to action, the International Day of Climate Action has been announced with significant tools to find action events near where you live or recruit others to assist you with an action which you yourself have decided to sponsor.

I am very proud to share this information with you and encourage you to watch the kickoff video from because it makes the case very well for genuine, immediate and global action. The URL is

Fomenting the Triple Bottom Line

Corbett Kroehler

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