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If You Don't Tap in for the Cork, at Least Check Out the Sheep

Posted Sep 16 2013 9:23am
Honestly, no one cares. I say cork; they hear "blahblahblah." Media queries don't even get the courtesy of a reply, even when I pitch a story about all the biggies in Vegas (Batali, Flay, the works) and how they're involved. I can't win on this one.

Yet, types of wine I bought just six months ago that had cork now has screw caps, and I can't get the faces and places of Portugal out of my head (see my series of articles about cork here --I think you'll find it's more interesting a topic than it sounds at first). Even Nuno, a sustainability lecturer at Portugal's big business and economics school, with whom I met in the montado (and with whom I am now connected on LinkedIn), answered "yep" when I told him it's getting worse here for cork.  

So, I decided to make one last-ditch effort to at least raise a little awareness that there is even something concerning going on out there--just remember you heard it in 2013 right here on FoodShed Planet, okay? 

I finally got my first Apple products (it's been coming-- remember this? ) for my new totally-mobile life and I spent the last few weeks learning iMovie enough to be slightly dangerous. The video above is the result. I boiled down 8 months, 24 articles, and a trip across a really big ocean (that plane shot near the beginning is from my window--I love that shot) into as light a synopsis as I could make. I even threw in a sheep shearing to keep things jazzy (trust me; it relates--thank goodness I had that footage from my friend Sue's farm). If you don't tap in for the cork, at least check out the sheep. Oh, and hang in there for what really is the perfect wine label, featured near the end, to illustrate a key point about the power in the marketplace right now (hint: ladies, it's you).

Enjoy. Share. Take action, if the spirit moves you. And feel free to recommend me to an editor of, let's say, O (you'd think I'd have an in after being in it, but no) or MNN or The New York Times Magazine or Modern Farmer to write a story about some angle of all this for their readers. As I learned to say in Portugal, obrigada. 

Quick disclaimer: I believe the facts presented are accurate to the best of my current knowledge. All opinions are my own. My trip to Portugal (transportation, lodging, and food) was funded by a 501(c)3 non-profit, but every hour spent, word written, and photo and video taken to date on this topic by me has been uncompensated. Nothing I have produced has required any approvals by anyone.

eclectic food-for-thought for a changing world
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