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I'm back! Back to blogging..... from the odd file.

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:53pm
I'm back in action, earlier than anticipated. I was really happy with the results. Before: 20/400 vision (something like a Velma in Scooby Doo without her glassess, or a bit like Mr. McGoo) to a 20/20 (yeah! normal vision). The procedure was relatively easy and I would do it again given the results. After having glasses for so long its amazing the detail you pick up without them and the clarity. Can't wait to explore the garden (after my seven day "dust and dirt" ban is lifted from my optometrist).

Well enough of me, here is what I'd like to throw out today:

OK. I'm in a weird mood today, articles that are "different":

Pssss... sorry, no Burmese Pythons allowed on the cable cars. First (if this doesn't get your attention) Burmese Pythons in San Francisco by 2020. I'll be an ol' fart by then, but a weird convergence of events, by 2020 alligator-eatin' 250 pound Burmese Pythons enjoying global warming could be traveling down Market Street, a bit of American's passions for exotic animals "released" with warming in temperatures... check it out in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Ahhhh... choo! Guilt in a box. Greenpeace is suspected of placing leaflets in a Kleenex box. "Wiping away ancient forests," is a statement bound to make you feel guilty if your battling the sniffles, right? I let you, the readers, be the judges. Check it out.

No not a power tie, a power shirt. Scientists are working hard on ways to capture energy from moving in a shirt when you jog, walking on a mat when you pay your fair on a subway or capturing the energy from a rain drop on a roof. Nanotechnology threatens the greatness of oil-based power... oh what a shame... more here.

Happy to be back....

Salud! Cheers! Kampai! Na zdrowie. Vivat! A vortre sante!

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