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Hydrogen Capacitance Yields More Than Just Clean Air

Posted Mar 29 2009 7:12am
With so much talk about green jobs, especially in the United States, it's important to qualify the details involved in creating them and the full breadth of their impact. For example, can they be used to reverse urban decay? Innovative programs such as Solar Richmond prove that they do. Might they also supplant or replace dying industries? Click the link below to watch a brief video clip and you'll find that the answer is a resounding YES!

>   Click here for green jobs video

However, can a mechanism for green jobs do more than solve one environmetnal challenge simultaneously? How about challenges for which there appear to be no easy solutions?

Enter The HyRail

The Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Superhighway (HyRail for short) is an award-winning technology slated for construction in Michigan in 2010. When viewing its design, the most obvious conclusion is that the system is a solar-powered magnetic levitation high-speed rail system. Such a conclusion is partially correct. The HyRail is much, much more. What makes it so practical is that solar energy is captured and stored through hydrogen capacitance at utility substations PLUS the platform includes an innovative integration of municipal infrastructure with the capability to perform various types of environmental remediation!

Yes, the HyRail can clean the air by providing solar-powered transportation. It can clean the air by providing surplus hydrogen for fleets of automobiles which consume hydrogen. However, it also can refill natural bodies of water which have run dry, such as Lake Chad, or clean polluted ones, such as the Chesapeake Bay.

It is this last point which recently gathered the attention of the community surrounding the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, an area hard hit by the loss of 99% of the natural oyster beds which existed centuries ago.

A very interesting firm, Oyster King 1, sponsors a weekly radio program on WNAV 1430AM, Oyster's Last Stand.

On March 23, Jim Griffin, a partner in the Interstate Traveler Company and head of the Mid-Atlantic field office for the HyRail, was interviewed on the aforementioned program. In his 30-minute session, Jim explained and expounded upon the merits of the HyRail, covering such important details as the vast numbers of green jobs which the HyRail will create once constructed in the United States AND how it can be used to clean the Chesapeake Bay.

You can listen to the interview at the link below. I encourage you to do so right away because if there is a polluted waterway of concern to you, the Interstate Traveler Company needs to know about it in order to include remediation plans in its construction agenda.

>   Click here for radio interview

When people combine our immediate needs with our long-term goals and strive to solve as many of humanity's problems simultaneously as we can, solutions such as the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Superhighway (HyRail) seem to materialize. I have every hope that hearing Jim Griffin's energy and enthusiasm will inspire you to give your all in the aim of living a greener and more sustainable life.

> To learn more about the range of green living topics which I cover on my expert blog, please visit Keyboard Culture Global Warming.
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