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Hydrangea Love An Entertaining Idea On The Cheap and Green

Posted Aug 01 2009 10:39pm

Hyndrangea display

I might not be Martha Stewart – spending less than $10 for a total entertaining evening in the garden – but perhaps that’s the point. With a very difficult economy on the horizon, it’s time we stopped spending extreme amounts of money for Hydrangea Cut      entertaining and started using what we have available to us. 

I choose to use the flowers in my own garden – this is quite a green choice because buying flowers that have been shipped from all over the world is just a ridiculous waste of carbon and energy.

Hydrangea’s are one of my favorite plants ever. It brings back memories of my Cutting and stripping leaves         grandmother every time I see their giant white flower in the garden.

During July they are truly at their height of beauty and every year I cut dozens of their stems and give them as gifts in great bunches tied with rubber bands to neighbors and friends. They make quite a statement on a dining room table or as a display by the front door.

Yesterday I held an America In Bloom meeting at my garden and wanted to make a spectacular display of the Hydrangea’s both as centerpieces and special Guests wandering the garden      features throughout the garden. In this photo guests wander my garden enjoying the evening.

My big splurge - for less than $2.00 each – was to purchase two colorful trash cans to use as vases. Cutting the Hydrangea’s at a point slightly above where it has a leaf, I gather a large pile of flowers. Next step is to strip off all the lower leaves to prevent rot in the water, and place them in the improvised vases.

Total cost is less than $4.00 and I have a gorgeous display for my get together which is green and utilizes very little carbon or energy. All the guests brought appetizers and I served summer cocktails made of lemonade, cucumber from the front yard veggie garden I grew for the 2009 “Get It Garden” Challenge and vodka. Simple. Easy. Delightful. Love it!

  Front door hydrangea display        

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