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Hurricane Ike...Got that Fleecing Feeling Again?

Posted Sep 22 2008 4:37pm

I’m sure nearly every Canadian woke up to $1.50 gas on Saturday due to “hurricane Ike” and I’m sure many of you were as ticked off as I was.  Gas companies say they are not fleecing us, but we ALL know different.  The hurricane was the perfect excuse for gas companies to top up their coffers so the executives get an extra big bonus this Christmas season.

Many Canadian are still driving older or less efficient vehicles and not necessarily because they want to, but because hybrids are very expensive and EV’s are still in development.  For now the oil companies are having their way with us, but soon that will change.  I hope I’m still alive when oil and gas companies have to compete for business in the same fashion as every other business.

The federal gas guru is predicting our fuel prices will drop by as much as $0.20 tomorrow, so if you have to fill-up soon, try to wait until tomorrow.  Maybe you’ll save yourself a few dollars and perhaps a rise in your blood pressure.

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