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HP ProBook 4520S Battery - Great Buy for a ProBook User

Posted Apr 17 2013 1:50am

The  HP ProBook 4520S Battery  is low priced and has high quality. The manufacturer of this battery expects to provide users with better value than the original manufacturer of the brand. You can get your existing battery replaced with the brand new HP ProBook 4520S battery. It fits in the laptop perfectly well. This rechargeable battery does not have a memory effect. It is fully tested for voltage, safety, capacity, and compatibility. The specifications of this battery far outreach the original manufacturer.

HP ProBook 4520S, which has a finishing of polished metal, is undoubtedly an improved version of earlier HP ProBooks. Replacing the previous 4510s, the 4520S model is intended for small and medium-sized businesses. The design of this model had semi-rugged from the outside. It is much sturdier than the previous ProBooks and comes with an  HP ProBook 4520S adapter. The metal cover gives a cleaner environment and protects the ProBook from fingerprints. This model gives a better protection against scratches from daily use. The keyboard of this model comes with a glossy black plastic and soft rubber. Unlike the previous model that had a plastic cover, this model has a better screen protector and strength to it.


HP ProBook 4520S is exceptionally lightweight. Weighing only 5.5 pounds, it has a solid body and sleek design. It gives you enough space with a full-size numeric keypad and has a high definition screen of 15.6 inches. What makes it unique are its two-finger scroll, pinch, zoom, and pivot rotates. For a clearer and brighter display, this model has an Intel GMA HD graphics adapter. You can expect a yield of about 5 hours with a full charge of the cell battery.


The performance of HP ProBook 4520S is enhanced as this model has Intel i5 M30 processor with 4GB DDR3RAM. That is not all. The battery for HP ProBook 4520S performance is even better than the previous. The company provides internal storage of 280 GB with a SATA of 7200 RPM drive. With the wireless adapter of Atheros 802.11b/g/n and an Ethernet card of RealTek, network connectivity is much better than the previous models.


This model works perfectly well for IT. You might spill something on the keyboard, but the spill-resistant keyboard is supported by a drainage system that releases any liquid via a small hole. The HP Recovery Manager can quickly recover the factory-default settings. The security features of this model will be a great asset for the IT department. Be it drive encryption, facial-recognition technology, or disk sanitization utility, the 4520S model's security manager software has it all. If you happen to lose your notebook or somebody steels it, you can easily locate your notebook with the help of Kensington lock slot features. Also, the service work is much simpler with this model.


In conclusion, when you compare it with previous models HP 4520S scores more in design and performance department. The processor of this model is significantly more powerful than the previous models. So if you are seeking a business machine with a better  HP laptop battery  performance, HP ProBook 4520S is a good option for you. You can buy it from an authorized dealer or the shop where you can buy the laptop accessories.


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