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How To Reuse Planting Containers, Recycling Them Into A "Green" Planting Tower

Posted Jul 05 2010 3:09am

UPsADaisy Container Tower 2.jpg

Recycling means more than simply melting down aluminum cans and reusing them. It is also reclaiming old material and finding creative ways to make it new again. A perfect example is finding ways to be more sustainable in the garden, such as reusing old containers and
UpsADaisy Container Tower 1.jpg
transforming them into something new. Above you see a series of old plastic containers which have been painted, filled with soil, and reused instead of throw away. Full video on the process is below.

It is easy to transform these old containers. First step is to wash and paint the containers. Washing is important so the paint is able to form a strong bond. Be sure to paint the inside brim as well as the outside of the pots.

upsadaisy pic.gif

Next step is to place an Ups-A-Daisy insert inside each of the pots. Place the tower where you would like it to sit for the season - it is too heavy and difficult to move AFTER you fill the containers completely with soil. 

Fill the containers with soil (I used Organic Mechanics Soil because of its strong water retention qualities). Stack carefully, being sure the containers are securely balanced.

UpsADaisy Container Tower 4.jpg

Plant with appropriate plants for the sun conditions you have set the tower in. This will be full sun for my container situation, and I have used the following annuals to make a strong summer splash: Wave Petunia  - TidalWave Silver, Wave Petunia  - Easy Wave Violet, S weet Potato Vine - Marguerite Ipomoea, and Angelonia Serena Purple .

Watering in the plants very well is critical, particularly in a full sun situation. I have rain barrels I utilize for the water, which is a sustainable way to save money and use less water in your household.

UpsADaisy Container Tower 3.jpg

Shawna watering the newly planted recycled container garden.

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