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How To Reuse Old Playing Cards To Make A Horse Farm During Winter Break

Posted Dec 15 2010 12:22pm

Deck of Cards Horse Farm.jpg

10 year old entertaining herself with a deck of cards she turned into a horse farm - viola!

Let's call a spade a spade - it is that time of year again and kids are home bored. It is time to pull out all the reduce, reuse, and recycle tricks you can manage to keep their minds busy. First choice - send them outside to play. Second choice - find a green solution in the magic anti-boredom drawer.

Discovering a deck or two of old playing cards in the kitchen drawer, my 10 year old daughter and I set to work building a horse farm. Building the barns with cards was easy, thinking of how to make a horse out of one playing card was a challenge. Below are instructions.

How To Make a Playing Card Horse - - Deck of Cards Horse.jpg

Step 1 - Cut one playing card in half. Place pattern for horse on top of the half a playing card (see photo below for the general horse pattern shape).

Step 2 - Cut horse out by cutting carefully, following the red lines on the pattern.

Step 3 - With the remaining half a card, cut out the horse-stand.

Step 4 - Place the two vertical cuts on the horse and stand together gently and bend so the stand supports the horse completely.


Once you learn how to make a horse, it is easy to make other animals like llamas, dogs, and cats which might be on a horse farm too. Definitely a great way to reuse an old deck of playing cards and keep boredom away. Both my daughter and I played at this for hours and had lots of fun!

Playing Card Horse Template.jpg

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