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How to Repair an Acer Aspire One Battery That Is Not Charging

Posted Jun 26 2013 1:42am

Do you have, or have bought an Acer  Aspire One battery  that refuses to charge? Although charging a laptop seems to be one of the is one of the easiest activities you can engage in; several laptop accessories and electrical reactions take place, from the moment you plug your Acer Aspire One adapter on an AC outlet, to the moment your laptop's screen lights up. If any accessory is faulty (adapter, battery, laptop) or a given reaction does not take place as required, you will notice a prominent error stating that although you have plugged into a charging accessory, the battery for Acer Aspire One in your laptop is not receiving power. Now that you understand the theory, it is advisable that you not panic, or reach for your wallet or purse and buy a replacement accessory the moment you notice this error. Consider the following five tips to troubleshoot the Aspire battery by Acer that is not charging, narrow down the origin of the problem, and repair it, to save hundreds of dollars you would have otherwise used on a new battery:


Even though this sounds silly, the first step you should take, if you notice your battery for Acer Aspire One has unexpectedly refused to charge is to check if you have plugged it in a working power outlet. Many at times, Acer enthusiasts plug the charging pin of their adapters on their laptops, but fail to plug the corresponding end of a working socket. This breaks the flow of electricity and can induce numerous battery errors.


Second, laptops and their batteries for that matter, require a specified amount of charge to work well. If you plug your laptop into an outlet that has a lower than required voltage, there is a high chance that your battery for Acer Aspire one will not charge properly. Check you socket to make sure that it is in excellent state, before you lay blame on your laptop's battery.


In addition to having an authentic Acer Aspire One battery, Acer advises it enthusiasts to use charging accessories specially designed for the laptop models. After you have ascertained that your outlet is okay, but your battery for Acer Aspire One is still refusing to charge, check the status of the  Acer laptop charger  forAspire One you are using to charge your laptop. Is it original? Does it supply the correct amount of power required to charge your laptop well? Replace your adapter if does not meet this threshold and then try again.


If the Acer Aspire One battery in your laptop still refuses to charge at this point, check the status of your motherboard and ascertain that it is in excellent condition. Plug you adapter on the power connector that sits on the motherboard of your laptop and feel its grip. If it is loose or feels wobbly, there is a high probability that the jack has separated from the chassis. Open the laptop and solder it, or ship it to a professional to repair it.


As you use your laptop, haul to school or your workplace, the  battery for Acer laptop  in it can dislodge from its contacts, and fail to store power the next time you are charging it. If you have tried the foregoing tips, but the error persists, remove the battery from your laptop, clean its contacts well using a rubbing alcohol and a fluff free cloth, and then re-sit it on the contacts. Plug your laptop on power and check if the error persists. At this point, the battery should resume normal function unless it is dead. If the converse is true, plan for a new battery for Acer Aspire One.


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