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How to Remember Your Green Gear

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:26pm

Coffeeshop Treehugger founder Graham Hill writes today on Huffington Post about the biggest obstacle in his daily battle to live green: forgetfulness. Like any normal human, he doesn't always remember to bring his travel mug to the coffee shop or his reusable bags to the grocery store. "Unfortunately," he writes, "our society is set up to make forgetting a problem easily solved. We live in a disposable culture, one that is built on convenience." Studies show that education is key to changing behavior, but what can you do once you have the knowledge--and simply forget the tools you need to do the green thing? Here are three ways to stay on track.

Write reminders where you're sure to see them.
If you keep a grocery list, for example, write "bring bags" at the top.

Reuse in style , like this blogger at Known Knowns , who got into the BYOB habit when someone gave her bags cool enough to show off . "I feel slightly smug when I carry my groceries out, slung over my shoulder in super cute, trendy, re-usable bags."

Link gear to stuff you always remember. If you ride the bus or train, keep your transit pass next to your travel mug. If you're a coupon clipper, store the week's coupons in your reusable bags .

Let us know if any of these work for you--and if you have other strategies for sticking to your green guns.

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