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How To Make a Knight's Chest Plate

Posted Oct 27 2009 4:28pm
This is the whole costume so far, I've still got to make guantlets and foot plates.

1)Grab a shirt from your child's closet so you can gauge what size of chest plate you will need.

2)Lay the piece of cardboard on top of the shirt and draw an outline of the chest plate. Make sure to make cutouts for the arms and neck, you don't want it to be square. If you need to fix your lines, make sure to X out the lines that you will NOT be cutting on.

3)Score your outline with a box knife, this makes it much easier to cut and less likely that you will injure yourself. Cut out the chest plate.
4) Lay the front chest plate onto another piece of cardboard and trace the outline for the back plate. Score and cut out the back plate.

5) Cover both pieces with duct tape. (Duct tape is not eco friendly. Duct tape is waterproof) I used the flat regular grey to cover the plates although on the back I ran out and did a wide stripe of reflective metallic silver duct tape. This is a great idea for night trick or treating! (You could also use acrylic paint instead of duct tape)

6) Trace a shield shape onto another piece of cardboard. Score and cut out.

7) Cover with duct tape, I used the reflective metallic silver duct tape on this piece.

8) Find a design that you would like on the shield, I chose a dragon but you could do a unicorn, lion, dinosaur, giraffe, whatever your child likes. Search for a silhouette of the design on google. Print out and decide if you will use the whole design or just a piece. I chose the upper half of the dragon.

9) Place the shield onto the front chest piece. Use glue (I used e6000) under the entire shield, lay in place and put a heavy phonebook on top to hold it down. While you are waiting for the glue to set and dry, cut out your design, you may need to use a box knife or exacto knife for the details. Once the glue is dry on the chest plate, use a paint brush to apply (Elmer's type) glue to the back of your design and glue down onto the shield. I also did a thin layer of glue over the top of the design to seal it in, so if it does rain (which is very likely here on Halloween) it will be less likely to bleed. I used a baby wipe to clean up around the edges of the design.
I used duct tape to tape at the shoulders and on one side along the waist. Next I will write up instructions for that amazing helmet!

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