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How to Find the Dell Inspiron 9400 Battery on a Budget?

Posted May 29 2013 1:58am

Reputable laptop manufacturers such as Dell produce excellent replacement accessories for their laptops. Whether you are looking for the best  Dell Inspiron 9400 adapter, or a laptop battery, you can easily find an original design directly from Dell, or its subsidiaries. The only downside is that you may have to dig deeper into your pocket to find the best accessory. What happens if you have a low operating budget, but want the best for your laptop? Do you go about buying your battery for Dell Inspiron 9400 from the first Internet shop that you come across, or the one that is offering the most pleasantries (low prices, etc.)? In your frustration, you might think that the cheapest is the best. Never make this mistake, if you want to get the best Dell Inspiron 9400 battery for your laptop. Use the following steps to find the best replacement battery for your Inspiron 9400 on a budget:

Never make a rush decision, while looking for an excellent replacement battery for your laptop. Take your time. Plan well to avoid falling victim to rogue retailers who pollute the Internet, or buying a  Dell Inspiron 9400 battery  that is not compatible with your laptop. Principally, before you visit any store, the first thing you must do is to obtain the model number of the battery for Dell Inspiron 9400, installed in your laptop. Remove the old or dead battery that it in your laptop and look at the documentation at the back. This is a white sticker imprinted with a host of details, including the model number of the battery. If your battery lacks the sticker, or its details are illegible because of old age, look at the documents that shipped with your laptop. You will most probably get the details there. However, in the unfortunate even that your laptop's documents are also missing, log into Dell's official website. Search for the model of your laptop (Inspiron 9400) and then look at its accessories. Note the model number of its battery and use it when searching.


After you have determined the type of  battery for Dell Inspiron 9400  that you are looking for, look for reputable shops that sell authentic Dell accessories. Look for information on blogs and comparison websites that review Internet shops. If you have friends who have Dell Inspiron 9400 laptops and have bought replacement batteries at some point, seek recommendations, to broaden your options. Finally, compare what each store is offering. Which type of batteries does your preferred laptop shop offer? When you are searching offline or online, you will come across two main types of batteries; nickel metal hydride, and lithium ion batteries. Although nickel metal hydride based batteries are cost-effective, they have charge memory issues, and are less efficient that their lithium ion counterparts are. On the other hand, lithium ion batteries have a high-capacity. They will power your laptop for around 300 to 500 cycles, before you have to buy a  Dell battery. Their only limitation is you might have to spend more to get the best for your laptop. Finally, how much do your preferred laptop store charge for its batteries? Pay keen attention when comparing what is on offer, to increase your chances of finding the best, within your budget bracket.


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