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how to dress up Petite Cocktail Dress

Posted Nov 06 2012 5:09am

The dance, both the man and the woman must wear clean and decent. Clothing selection of venues and  Petite Cocktail Dress   and, in addition to losing the etiquette, and be struck between personal comfort and safety in dance. Ms Yi in the skirts of a larger, longer and ankle dress, makes dancing more elegant and moving. Business suit is generally not suitable for dance.

Ladies don't forget to wear a gorgeous jewelry, multicolored spots calumniate them shining under the lights. Ball held mostly at night, evening wear, and then cast a pleasant perfume. Formal dance, best fake hair, wear her hair in a bun; participation in dance in General, then the hair casual, can be "soup noodles"-straight hair, long waves can also be blowing Lotus loose fluffy. Wearing high heels, can make woman's gait and posture more touching, you can also avoid wearing long skirts procrastination.


Men wear more formal suit, such as consistent with the Western tradition of dark blue, grey suit. Corduroy or leisure suits in Tartan elbow patches should not appear in very formal dance. Even in summer, and men must wear long pants to go to prom, suit pants, beach pants to dance is not polite. Man combing his hair neatly, beard shaved clean, shoe Polish. The more formal dances, wearing clothes by the more formal. For example, attended a charity ball in New York City, men manage to make do any tailless semi-formal dresses, ladies wore evening dress. And if a local dance classes or workshops, wearing a comfortable and convenient in order to concentrate on their studies.


Different forms of clothing and dance occasions, Argentina Tango requires extreme costumes, and folk dancing is very different. Each dance is like entering a different cultural background, if you want to integrate them, and enjoy the fun of different cultural practices, may wish to show their differences.


When you are lucky enough to receive a Western-style invitation, please note that invitations to clothing requirements, here is some code on:


White collar-knot: men s white collar knot dress is the most formal. It includes a black tuxedo, (White tie) trousers, double leg side plus two ribbons, white vest, vertical wing and starched collar lined with cedar, ladies full length evening dress, if possible low chest, bare backs, plus better and elbow length gloves.


Black tie: men the tailless semi-formal dresses, trousers, double-leg lateral decorative ribbons and (Black tie) and abdominal belt, knot tie, so-called "black tie" does not refer to black tie, but abdominal belt color matching bow tie, ladies dress.


Formal dance clothing: his suit and tie for men (by now "tunic matched with" outside non-complete sets of suits take (Formal) acceptable to wear formal suit Jacket was), Lady dress.


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