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How The Freecycle Network™ Got My Daughter To Practice Piano and Be Super Green!

Posted May 18 2010 8:16am
Thumbnail image for Piano small.jpg

Piano in the back of the family car which we got FREE from

Over 7 Million people use The Freecycle Network™ ( ) - one of the best digital community assistance inventions on earth. Above you see a photo of the free piano I got from another The Freecycle Network™ user. My youngest daughter has been playing piano for five years on a keyboard. When this piano arrived at our home, she was able to hear what a real instrument sounds like. Since we got the piano, she has put down her electronic toys, turned off the tv, and has been practicing piano - on her own - over an hour a day every day. It has been wonderful for her and has truly given her something special to experience.

More than getting "free stuff", you might just build friendships and community with the experience of using The Freecycle Network™ as well. According to The Freecycle Network™ website, "Freecycle can educate the world at a local level about how critical recycling and reducing waste are. It empowers people on a grassroots and local level to take charge and make the world a better place, keeping countless tons of reusable items out of local landfills. It is a cycle of giving, not charity. Everyone gives to everyone with absolutely no expectations of anything at all in return."

It is VERY easy - here's how it works -

1) Go to the website and register
2) List your items to give away, or
3) Respond to other users who are giving stuff away
4) You are done

Piano Girl Age 9 2010.jpg

My daughter practicing on her "free" piano. Note the electronic game is being ignored and so is the television.

Americans are running out of space to put our garbage and trash - our landfills are overfilling. In response to this, the EPA has issued a nationwide challenge for consumers, businesses, organizations, and industries to recycle at least 35% of America's municipal solid waste, which is known as trash or garbage. Freecycle IS reusing your old products - it is recycling in all its glory.

Furniture, pianos, all types of plastic products, clothing - all of these items are being thrown wastefully into the landfills when it could be reused. lets people do that. In a down economy it is a great money-saving tip to use Freecycle because when people exchange products for free, it  becomes a great green resource for someone trying to save money.

Help your community and yourself - use The Freecycle Network™ . Perhaps you might give your children and family an opportunity they might not have had without the network (like having a piano touch a child's life in an important way).

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