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How healthy are your cleaning supplies?

Posted by Mary Ann P.

Green issues aside, some of the fumes off these cleansers can make you sick. I try to use vinegar and baking powder as much as possible. I was just wondering what you use.
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Seventh Generation and Method products. Funny you bring up this topic because this is something I have recently been focusing on. Seventh Generation and Method products are the two I have been using for non-toxic, green products (plus I like the look of Method packaging).
Some Recipes. Here is a really nice site I found that has recipes: I have been lazy in the past and I think this is one area I can commit to being "greener" in. Thanks for the reminder. I'm officially putting this on my list!
For Brass and Silver. To clean brass stuff in the house, I rub lemon juice. And I have discovered that toothpaste works wonder son silver. do try!
Stains and Odors. White vinegar is great for stains and odors. I also use cleaners from Trader Joe's.
Pretty Healthy. I've been using more vinegar and baking soda instead of store cleaners...that, and Trader Joe's has some decent stuff that is fairly non-toxic. I also recommend watching the British version of How Clean is Your House? to get a lot of non-toxic cleaning tips and ideas.
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