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How Green Are U? Take the Earth Day Quiz

Posted Oct 30 2008 3:20pm

There are celebrations taking place across the globe today in honor of Mama Earth. Come and join us! More and more people are jumping on the green bandwagon and are learning how they can benefit themselves and the planet. What a perfect time for a little personal reflection. How can you personally can make a difference?

It could be something little. Like giving up paper towels, or planting trees, or recycling. Or it could be more like getting a more fuel effecient vehicle, maybe even a hybrid or installing solar panels. No matter how much or how little you do, there are many shades of green, and every little bit adds up.

So go for a fresh start and take inventory of how you live life! Take IDOG's Earth Day Quiz and get a few shades greener!

Answer the following questions. Each "yes" gets 1 point.

1. Do you drive to work and opt-out of mass transportation, if available?
2. Do you drive an SUV?
3. Do you own more than 1 SUV?
4. Does your home have more bedrooms than the amount of persons in your household?
5. Do you own a vacation home?
6. Do you travel a lot for work or pleasure? A lot meaning once a month + ?
7. Do you eat non-organic food? More than 50%?
8. Do you NOT recycle?
9. If a parent, do you use disposable diapers?
10.Do you drink bottled water?
11.Do you mainly shop at giant superstores like Walmart vs. local vendors?
12.Do you consume alcohol more than 5 days a week?
13.Have you NOT switched to compact fluorescent bulbs?
14.Do you keep your cell phone charger plugged in at all times?
15.Do you think global warming is a total crock?
16.Do you consume red meat?

Scoring Results
# of Yes'
12+ You are a disgrace to this planet! Reduce your consumption! Minimalism is in. You are caught up in the daily grind of material life and are clueless about the current state of affairs on this planet. I highly recommend you contact me directly for an intervention.

10+ You are attempting to make strides to get on with this green movement, but you have a long long way to go. Take a close look at your personal lifestyle, your home, your career and your family to determine areas of improvement. You need to learn about the benefits and detriments, so read this blog and visit our new Eco Shop at!!!

8-10 You are a semi respectable person, really striving to do the world and your family some good, well done, but you still need some work. Keep educating yourself about the products and ideas that can help you make a difference. IDOG can help!

4-8 You are a legitamite greenie!! Nice work!! Keep it up and don't get lazy. Your results will pay off with a higher quality of life.

1-4 You are a super star and should be commended!! Join clubs and organizations that will help spread the good word of going green and call me if you are looking for work!

In conclusion, I am here to help you achieve whatever green goals you have set for yourself. This blog and my new shopping website,, (coming soon!!)will arm you with all the information and products your need to get to whatever shade of green you want to be. Cheers! Read more!

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