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Home Remedies

Posted Aug 29 2011 7:38pm
What's your favorite home remedy? If there are any home health remedies that I can find, I always like to check them out to see if they really work and then I'll continue using them.

I recently saw this article about "The Wonders of Baking Soda." You can check the link here:

One of the uses of baking soda is as a refrigerator deodorizer. I knew that one and have used it many times before. 

This article states that it can also be used as a fabric stain remover, which I never realized. If you make it into a paste, mixing it with water, it takes away some of the sting from bee stings and burns. Did not know that either.

It can also be used a a toothpaste and gum freshener. That one I did know. Clean carpeting...did not know that. I did know that it can snuff out grease and electrical fires. I remember, my mom used to always keep a can of baking soda under the kitchen sink for this purpose. 

I also learned that it can clean your car. With a light paste by adding water, it can be used to clean off bug stains and bird droppings from bumpers, hubcaps and chrome trim. Have not tried that yet.

So have you learned any new uses today about baking soda? What about other home remedies? We'd love to hear about them.
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