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History on DVD – Looking Back For old Favorites

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:42pm

We watch a lot of old movies around here. Not that we don’t like new movies….we just don’t like them for our son. Newer movies seem to be either excessively violent, disrespectful or well...just plain dumb. So we often revert back to old favorites.

And since we are afterschooling, we find that a video that complements our studies works well. It’s quite easy to find science videos. Child friendly science DVD's abound. National Geographic and Discovery Channel have great documentaries and Magic School Bus DVDs if not always accurate, inspire inquiry.

But history, that’s a bigger challenge. History documentaries tend to be made for an older audience…older than our 5-year-old anyway. Many focus on more recent history and unfortunately, tend to be long. PBS specials sometimes work but again the target age is a bit older.

And newer renditions of classic stories are often too violent. Though I loved, Troy – I’d never share it with my kindergartener. So we’ve started to look for old movies instead. Since we’re studying the ancient world this year, using TWTM ’s, Story of the World , we’ve found quite a few good ones.

Land of the Pharaohs

Alexander The Great


There are hundreds of great old movies out there and we’re enjoying hunting them down and relearning a little history ourselves.

What great old movies have you found to complement your studies?

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