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hi,i have smell of molds all over the house and they clog on some of our household stuff,fabrics,belts clothes..can vinegar work

Posted by bree

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This website says vinegar will kill mold and gives some info on how to do it.

How to kill mold with vinegar

 Tea tree oil will also kill it, and bleach.

 However, with you saying it's on your clothes, etc. it might be wise to just have a mold expert come in and take some samples - make sure it's not any type of mold that is life-threatening.  Of course, if anyone in the house is susceptible to mold, it may be anyway.


Hello Bree,  While I appreciate others giving counsel to you about how to treat the actual mold locations on your personal items, you may have a more serious issue with your house.  I happen to be a home architect, so I know about some of the causes of mold in homes. For instance, if you have a crawlspace, make sure you have a licensed contractor check it out and if you do not have a total coverage over the earth beneath your home, he should install at least a 6 mil polyethylene sheet with permanently taped joints over the entire area, and up your foundation walls (inside the crawlspace) to within about 3" of the sill plate and then secure that to the foundation wall.  Also install at least one automatic dehumidifier in the crawlspace, hard-piped to a drainline that goes to outside the wall of the home.  Also check for any leaks and other sources of water under your house and stop them.  If you try to economize with your thermostat, don't let it get too cold or too warm throughout the year, because mold love damp, humid areas and you can damage your drywall and other materials, as well as your clothes once mold spores germinate in them.  If you do not have a crawlspace, then check around your home for water flowing across the ground toward your home and from downspouts and divert all such water sources to at least 20' away from your home.  hope this helps.
Make sure that you get rid of the black mold in bulk before you take action with any sort of potent cleaning product. This will decrease your exposure to harmful chemicals, which can sometimes be worse than the actual black mold, regards.
Mold grows very well in tons of moisture so it's really important to keep the bathroom well ventilated, repair leaky faucets, don't leave wet towels balled up throughout, and clean the towels and bathroom rug regularly. Replace plastic shower curtains with hemp or organic cotton so that air can penetrate the curtain and dry it.
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